Joy in Being Me

I love when I can share stories of success and joy.  It is so important to my everyday life to see the joy in all of the lil things.  Weather it be from the simple thrill I have when Dear Hubby kisses me good morning or the way my heart flutters hearing the morning birds singing.  I have to agree with C. S. Lewis when he said, "Every day in a life fills the whole life with expectation and memory."  

clip_image002.jpgWell I have found another author who believes the same thing.  Bruce Farrell Rosen who wrote If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away  shares his memoir and message of finding your everyday joy.   Hoping readers will rediscover themselves, as they read this book of joy, love, reflection and healing, Rosen offers a road map for all of us who are struggling with life's momentous problems to come to terms with all that has been given us and to prepare for what may be in store.  He is an investment officer at a major financial firm by day and is an award winning writer by night.  Add in growing up with a psychic mother,  finding forgiveness for an abusive father and living a life most of us dream of.  Rosen reflects on life from various places in the world such as San Francisco, New York, Costa Rica, Paris, Florence, and London during the terrorist bombings, and Bangkok during the coup; the erroneous reported death of his uncle, a Jewish gangster stock promoter who survived a bomb explosion the night before he was to testify in a headline grabbing trial; coming to terms with the unraveling economy and how others might too; the thrill of international recognition as a writer on the BBC and at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

What I enjoy the most from this whole book is the constant reminder that we are to find our own joy in life.  That not matter what has happened to us we can do just that.  Overcoming trials and tribulations are easier when joy is your focus.  Rosen says, "Although I cannot forget, I was able to forgive and heal because holding anger, hostility, and resentment, has negative consequences for our lives and health."  In finding your joy, Bruce Rosen has six ways to do so.

1.  Let Join in.
2.  Give and receive, gracefully.
3.  Repent, learn, let go of regret and guilt, and move on.
4.  Do what you love, even in small ways-in any way possible.
5.  Laugh more.
6.  Let go of your cares and worries.

I totally agree with all six.  Even if they are not always easy to do.  I find my own joy here at home.  My own motto is based on just that.  "There is always time to DANCE!" is how I remind myself and others that joy surrounds us.  Just think of that lil girl twirling around with her arms in the air.  Is there any look of joy that you can imagine being any better?  But in finding and keeping your joy, Rosen has one more bit of advice.  "Believe that dreams can be made real if you have the determination to do so; never give up on a dream if it is part of who you are."

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