Lucky Day

Good day everyone!  Gosh today has been really nice.  The sun is shining and I am loving the efficiency that has been all around me today.  I was able to get the dishes washed, laundry finished, coffee and hot tea made, bed made, litter box emptied, trash out, dog toys picked up and dog yard cleaned...all while Dear Hubby was dressing for work.  Now either he is really slow or I was a lil cosmo!  Honestly all that was left to do was sweep and mop once I returned from taking Dear Hubby to work.

So once that was done it, there was plenty of time to have a cup of coffee, read the newspaper and start playing cards with our morning coffee clutch.  Not too bad of a way to start the day.  Oh and Other Mother brought homemade bacon bisquits too!  So it was a great addition to coffee and games.  And we even won!
$10 Gift Card @InkandGrit

Just tell me today if Friday the 13th!  Because it all seems to be riding really smooth for me.  Oh in addition College Girl is having her very first giveaway on her blog Ink & Grit.  It is a $10 Starbucks gift card. I am sure you will want to pop on over and enter to win. Who can not use a gift card.  Weather if be for yourself or to share as a lil gift for someone else.  And she is using Rafflecopter so it is even easier to enter.  Just a few clicks is all.  I just know today is someone's lucky day!

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