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Do you go to church every week? If so do you hold a position in the church? Teach the children? Work in the nursery? Help with greetings or bible study or sing in the choir? I know that in our community the ladies of the churches are a force to be reckoned with. This is the back bone of the work force. All the meals created come from them. Helping to set up and prepare for visiting guest, the women will be there. Funerals, weddings or new members....ladies step up to the plate. We have ladies who play the piano, organ, record the sermons, run the office and work as secretary.

Now with all of this said and done, none of these ladies hold an office. They are not the decision makers. So just what will happen if we had "The Resignation of Eve"? Jim Henderson talked to ladies all over the country and came to the conclusion that many feel they are overworked and undervalued in the church. It is leading to many of them leaving the ranks of worker bees and some even walking away from organized churches all together.

Here we have a field research with George Barna on what these ladies have to tell. How they are responding to the churches not supporting all of their hard work and dedication. I know we are to give and do for our faith. But it is hard to continue to do so when your not noticed. It is not the pat on the back or atta 'girl' they are looking for. Instead the ability to help their churches grow in the community. To have a say in the matter of church business. And no matter how we look at it, religion is also a business.  It has to be able to pay the bills just like anyone else.

So just what do you think would happen if all of these hard working ladies decided to not be the back bone? Would the church be able to hold up? Would the men give more power to the ladies? How could it effect change all the way around?


  1. My husband is a Deacon at our church and we used to run the singles ministry. Two years ago our church started to bring Deaconesses into the fold. A couple people just huffy and left, including several women. Odd, huh?

    1. Glad to see an equality in the church you attend. And isn't it funny how people react when a door is opened up for them. Fear of the unknown?

  2. Jim Henderson2/12/12, 9:19 PM

    Thanks for the thoughtful review of my book. I would like to invite you and your readers to our upcoming free - Resignation of Eve Cloud Conference on Feb. 27 @8pm EST – you only need a telephone to join the call and have a chance to participate in a conversation with myself and the women of “Resignation of Eve.” David Kinnaman, President and author of the Barna Group will also be on this call to talk about his latest research on women and the church. – Hope you are able to join us. Thanks, Jim Henderson

    1. Jim,

      Thank you very much for this offer. I do greatly appreciate it. Sadly I have prior commitments on that evening with my College Girl. I hope you have a wonderful conference and learn of the many amazing women and men who guide our religious communities.


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