Today my brain is just all bumfuzzled. My thinking is a lil haywired.  So I figure that my blog will be that way today.  So bear with me.  If is seems things are going a lil this way and that way....well guess what...I am dizzy.

Apparently I did not have my fill this morning.  Only one cup and that is certainly not going to make me shake. Heck it will not even clear the fuzz out of my cerebrum.  And now I am finally having a Diet Coke but it is hours after having that lone cup of java.

I am absolutely sure that I am in need of some red heels.  Weather I have a place to wear them is not even in the picture.  I just need, yes need, some sort of pop to my life.

Dr. Suess always hits things right on the nose even if it is in a round about way of reading.  Thank goodness my Dear Hubby has the right kinda weird for me.  I am thankful he gets me, especially when others may not understand it at all.

Do you remember the craze of Build-A-Bear?  Yeah we had a particular dressed up poodle at our house with the grandbabes this summer.  Well if your not into the larger toys that seem to cost quite a bit, then look at the fun packs that are now available.  For just $5.99 we have a miniaturized Build a Bear along with trading cards, fabric stickers, activities and a shirt.  Not a bad deal.  Add in the bearville.com code and your also adding in some online fun.  I have one here for Princess Emma's Valentines gift. (You do realize that is just around the corner.)

Oh and sorry to burst your bubble but I had a major boo-boo.  I was excited to listen to Michael Eliran as a new voice in the crowd.  Granted a young voice at only 14 but I thought it would be an interesting one.  Sadly I was in the wrong.  Sure he wrote his own lyrics and music and played the instruments.  And I do sense some talent in those areas.  It is just that his voice is not there yet.  Maybe as he grows and it matures then everything will come together.  You may not agree.  But you can check it out yourself if you want.  I don't think I wrong this time though.

I discovered that I have been dehydrated for some time now.  Really, how odd is that.  But it seems I have a hard time drinking....well not drinking but taking in liquids. My coffee in the morning and then waiting til late evening for another drink is not really good for me.  Who would have guessed it?  I just have a hard time putting in liquids.  So I have to make sure I do drink during the day.  Yes water is great for me....alas our all you can drink unlimited during a drought (cough cough) lake water has a lil to be desired.  So instead I have been turning on to Cranberry Naturals by Old Orchard.  Helps me out in many ways.  Besides tasting yummy is does not have artificial colors, flavor s or preservatives.  It has 40% less sugar than most brands and is only 70 calories in a serving.  Sure beats Diet Coke all to heck.  I told you I was going to cut that out remember on my 20 for 12.  So here is my replacement.  Good for me, great tasting and healthy to boot.  You want some?  Well on facebook they have coupons that are BOGO.  They also have coupons online that you can download.

What does this mean?  Well that someone sent me a CD, then another a toy and yet another sent me some juice and coupons.  Does this sway my opinion.  Apparently not...look at my thought on the CD.  About the juice.  Well I do need it...it is appreciated...and more so....I really loved the taste and it could not have come at a better time for me.  Yeah that is how it works in blogland.  You win some...you lose some....and others you just roll with the flow with.  Sorta like today's post.

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