The Answer to my Problems

I am awake at 2:30 in the not just awake....never have gone to sleep.  And dang if all I really want is a cup of coffee.  But, since I moved the coffee maker into the bedroom which happens to have Dear Hubby and College Girl crashed out in it....I am scared to move around.

Since there is only window a/c units in our bedrooms we are living in them.  College Girl came home for the month but it is too hot for her to couch dwell.  So she is crashing in our room with us on a big ol pallet.  Sorry for her but much cooler this way too.  But now the issue is, when I can not sleep, I have to be quiet and wait...wait....wait.  No TV to watch, no reading either as the light can be bothersome.  Instead sitting at this dang computer and dreaming of a cup of coffee. 

Now isn't that just pissy?

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