Summer Reading List

Well even with the Grandbabes visiting I still have my Summer reading.  I love to read.  It has been my favorite hobby my whole life.  Well from the age of 3 on...that should qualify.  Having a Grandmother who was a Liberian and Aunts and Uncles who are teachers, books seem to just flow to me.  And now I have this wonderful blog (ta-dah) that allows me to do reviews on books.  This is one of the things that make me happy every day.  So here is my current reading list or would that be stack.
My first is Time Witch by Jacqueline Corcocan, a young adult novel that is her first published novel.  As a professor she has published articles and eleven books in her field.  This is a story that caught my attention right off.  Having an inherent fear of losing my own daughter, when the mother in the story does not return home to her 12 year old daughter, my heart was pumping.  In the daughter's search for her mother she enters a magical world.  I do not like to give away stories, but this is one that I think most young girls would enjoy.  Very good for a first novel.  You can find it as an e-book for only $4.99 and $8.99 in print form.
Well from magical worlds I then traveled to a ghost story.  I love a good tale to chill me.  Especially in this novel The Poisoned House by Michael Ford.  Sadly you will have to wait til September of this year to find this one on your bookstore shelves.  You can order an advance copy on Amazon.   I am hoping that it will be optioned for a movie sometime.   The setting is 1850's London with 15 year old Abi, the scullery maid in a beautiful estate.  While learning her job she realizes that what is felt is not what actually reality.  A secret is coming out, unraveling the household.  I had many times  thought I had figured out what was coming up.....only to learn I could not second guess this author. 
From there I had to journey to the South with a tale that tugged at my heart.  The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones is beautifully told capturing my soul as I explored the governor's mansion.  I loved how the story paralleled tending to a garden takes love, time and attention the same as tending to a broken spirit.  You will love this story if your a fan of epic life stories.  The First Gardener was one that made me laugh and cry.  A must have for your nightstand reading stack!  Denise expresses her own Southern voice in this story.  I can't wait to read her previous stories. 
And last in my stack (remember we always save the best for last) is Robert Whitlow's book Water's Edge.  An accomplished author that weaves a mystery with amazing ease.  You have heard when it rains it pours.  Well poor Tom Crane life starts falling apart is when he finds that he has to find out what happened to his father's law practice.  And where did the two million dollars that was stashed in a bank account come from?  This was a wonderful modern day mystery.  And I loved going over the reading guide when I finished the tale. 
I want to say thanks to all the publishing houses and authors who share with me.  It is wonderful to have so many talented  people become part of my life through their wonderful stories.  As my readers and followers know.  This is never paid for.  Just happy to tell you of another good read.

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