Email Alert!

You know I never realized all the special emails I receive.  
That there are so many amazing offers out there waiting just for me.  
Why just today I have had the opportunity to have my horoscope read while getting my credit report.  
There are offers for me to have sex (with whom I can not know) since I have the chance to look great using my Total Gym.  
Of course I have to watch out for injury since there has been a hip recall but passed the pre-screening process from the cleaning pros.  
I can get 70% off a TV and 95% off retail too. 
"LuckyRobert" wanted to know how I am doing but he could have called on the Verizon wireless network.  There are coupons I can use for everyone in my family (and I come from a large family).  
Paisley prints are stylish again and I might use that in my newly remodeled bathroom.  
Just how special are you in your SPAM folder?

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  1. But did you get a coupon for sex at the gym?


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