Where Did Monday Go?

Good morning.Image via WikipediaGood morning folks. Thought I would have my morning coffee with you. Take a lil time to decompose for a bit. How about you? Having a good day? Ready to jump into a new project? Or how about finish up that one you been working on?

I have been pretty busy of late.  But enjoying all that has been going on as well.  College Girl is on her last week of finals for the year.  We are all waiting with baited breath (doesn't that sound fishy?) to see if she gets a summer theater internship.  Fingers are crossed for Dallas Shakespeare in the Park.   It would be perfect for her.  Housing with a family friend close by and a theater she is pretty familiar with too. 

Our Wee One is back up in Missouri cleaning up a few things.  I can't wait til she makes it back here.  It looks pretty good that she is going to move to Texas and that would make all of us happy.  I am sure her family in Missouri will not be as thrilled.  But it is time for her to spread those wings some and see the rest of her family here too.  The Gentleman is having a rough time of it though.  Prayers for him please.  He does have cancer on that cyst in his throat.  We are all worried as to how bad it is.  Of course we also all have to wait on his appointments to know just what will be done.  So keep him in mind.

Dinosaur Train By the way, did you see the Dinosaur Train giveaway, All Aboard!, over in the side column?  Go enter.  Easy peasy, just leave a comment with that post.  Not hard is it.  And congrats to Jenjo3d for winning the Mother's Day giveaway.  I have another one for y'all coming up too.  Actually I know of 4 more to post.  Pretty cool!

In the mean time I did get a few more books finished this week.  One is for College Girl since she is a year away from graduating.  Lissa Raines wrote 8 Crucial Realities:  Successful Choices for Graduates.  I am glad as it is a pretty scary thing to look at.  Having been in a formal school system for over 16 years one is never too sure of the next steps.  I know that CG is tired of being alone too.  So she has been searching for someone to date.  Not as easy as it seems when you have set ideas.  She is atypical in her recreation so she does not fit in too well around here.  Between that and focusing on studies and future career guides, it can be quite a roller coaster ride of uncertainty.  Thankfully she can have this book to help her create her own guidelines.  Not a bad gift to give the future grad.

Another one that I have so loved this week was A Dog Named Slugger.  Now I have read a little on service dogs before.  And it always takes me back how amazing they are.  The bond between an owner and their pets is always one that is filled with love and mutual respect.  But when that animal is your arms, legs or eyes...there is much more there.  Trust that they will take care of you.  And pride in the abilities that they have.  I love our own yellow lab, Penny Bright.  She is amazing in how gentle she can be with me.  But no where does she manage to do the feats of Slugger for Leigh Brill.  It is with ease and grace that she shares her tale of Slugger and later on Kendra who have been her friends, service dogs and help mates for so long.

I want to thank the those who have sent me these great books to review.  It is an amazing thing to have companies and authors help supply your passion.  And I thank my lucky starts that you also enjoy hearing about a good book too.  I appreciate the complete process and hope you do too.  

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  1. Your wee one is quite lovely, just like mom!


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