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The RHOKSo here's what been happening In My Neck of the Woods...

Well first off, I went and visited over at the RHOK and joined up with today's linky.  Thought you might wanna join me for the ride.  Today was nice that it was a cool enough breeze to pull out my chenille robe that my mom made for me. It is bright red with bright colored flowers. I feel like an Easter egg sitting here. But the bright colors sure do cheer me up.

I finished off a couple of more novels.  I so love to read.  Had to make a detour from the murder mysteries that I love so very much.  I use to read romance novels when I was a teen.  Oh, that was so long ago.  But it was nice to escape into fantasy of unreal life for awhile.  It is not that romance is not real.  Just that it has it bumps, bruises and often fractures too.  I did like being 'on-the-air' in My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren.  Here Isadora is a talk radio host and the voices that ask for advice tug at her heart, especially Caleb's.  I know that voices have always been my undoing.  Hearing a man's deep rumble can make my knees weak.  In My Foolish Heart, Caleb has to figure out if he is deeply attracted to his neighbor or her alter ego on the radio.  Of course we all know that inside each lady is several alter egos.  The other book I finished was 'When Sparrows Fall' by Meg Moseley.  I did find the challenges that Miranda had to overcome quite interesting.  I am a head strong woman.  Never been one to let a man control me.  So I find it amazing to meet (or read) about women who truly let the man tell them every thing to do and they do it.  Now don't get me wrong.  I adore Dear Hubby and we discuss our decisions.  But the putting the foot down does not work for me.  He guides our family with love and caring not dictatorship.  It is even harder when these families are ruled by both the husband and feel they are following God's law too.  A woman does not want to break her bond with her Savior in any form.  Where is the middle ground?  I loved seeing Miranda finding that space where she is full and whole.  This book will unleash more discussion on the  Christian practice and questions surrounding “Quiverfull.” People who have abandoned “quiverfull” or patriarchal teachings now gather online at sites such as “No Longer Quivering,” “Quivering Daughters,” “That Mom,” “Razing Ruth” and several others.

Tonight I am making homemade Chicken Enchiladas.  I boiled the chicken yesterday and then just popped it and all the broth into the fridge.  Today I will scoop off the oil to toss.  Drain the broth to use for cooking.  De-bone the chicken and shred.  Then I will roll corn tortillas up with the seasoned chicken (use what you like to season with) and layer in a baking dish.  Cover with a mix of sour cream and salsa.  Then layer the top with cheese and chopped onions.  Bake till gooey and hot.  Wanna join us?  Also have beans here so will make them into refried beans and the rest of the rice I have in there will pop over into a spanish rice dish.

By the way....make sure you enter in my two giveaways.  They are listed over in the right hand column.  Just click on the image and go leave a comment!   Thanks so to Multnomah Books and Tyndale for sharing the books with me to review.  As always I am not paid for these reviews.  Just get lucky enough to read.


  1. that's how I make chicken enchiladas. It's soooooo good!!

  2. I haven't read either of those books. I'll have to check them out.

  3. Sound like good books -I know what you mean that a deep manly voice can just make you weak in the knees ;) Mmmm -sounds like yummy enchiladas!

  4. Dinner sounds great.. so if I leave at 6pm tonight I should be there sometime on Thursday I believe... will there be left overs?!!

  5. Chicken enchiladas... *drool*

    I've been reading John Adams for what seems like a year now. Really have to finish that book.

  6. Yumminess! I just ordered a pizza to be delivered. Ha!

    I'm getting ready to start reading the Pioneer Woman's new book. I'm almost three weeks behind on our book club. Oops!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Gonna try ur recipe for chicken enchiladas- yummo!Those books sound great! I have downloaded so many free Christian books on my Kindle- hopefully I will get more time to read soon!

  8. I will have to check out the book.
    Those enchiladas look delish :)
    Thank you for linking up today!


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