The Way We Are

Today I am sitting here listening to Barbara Streisand sing the song The Way We Were.  Who can hear that and not tear up.  Somewhere inside of yourself there is a memory that it tugs on.  That time you held hands for just a bit longer than any other time.  Or when you caught your breath that time you say them turn and look at you.  Knowing that someone loves you all the way into your soul. 

I love my husband so deeply.  Feeling so very special that he looks at me with the love deep in his eyes.  Knowing how he makes my toes curl and my stomach flutter.  I am sure this feeling will always be a part of our relationship.  But it will change too as we age.  We are entering our later stages of life.  And our love is strong as ever but there are other parts that are beginning to take a dip.

My mom-in-law told me that it grows into a deeper love.  Her and my dad-in-law lay in bed at night holding hands.  They say their prayers together and share the day in soft whispers.  Clinging to the love that has taken them through more than 50 years of marriage.  The physical has cooled but never the emotional.  Do you see when that time is coming?  I feel it could be around the corner for us. 

Eden CafeNot that I want that but see the foreshadowing of a time to come.  It has made me start looking at how to keep the spark alive there.  I have heard so much about EdenFantasys online, I am sure you have too.  So I had a look around at Eden Cafe (their blog) to see if there was any advice for us.  I know there are all kinds of toys and such, but is there a magic thing to give us our energy back?  I mean when you both just look at each other and say I love you but my back hurts too dang much?  It has happened. 

Well?  I know many of y'all are younger but there has to be others out there in this situation.  Where your knees are shaking but not from the sexual tremor.  What do you do?  Tell me.  I am not ready to just hold hands, but I am thrilled it is his hand I am holding.  Maybe I can find a few tricks of the trade over at EdenFantasys.  Who knows?

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  1. I think that no matter the age, the spark, no, the FIRE will always be there between the two of you. Maybe thing will have to go at a slower pace, but the intamacy can only increase.


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