Boostering My Mommies

Well lately I have been worried about my girls and their roles as mommies.  Not that I worry about their abilities but how they are holding up.  Vannah is a wonderful mom and I am always blown away at how calm she is with the grandbabes.  And Stacy is learning so much as she is beginning her role as a mom to be.  But I know that being a mom is a big job.  All of y'all that agree hold up your hands.   Yeah, I see all of them.

I know that these girls need a pat on the back to booster their self esteem.  And I have it for them in a form they will so understand.  Yo Momma!  And not the ones on yo' momma is so....put in degrading thought here.  But instead these.

Yo momma so remarkable she ain't just yo momma...she's yo best friend!  Respect

Yo momma so sweet that I'm going to get diabetes if she kisses me on the cheek one more time.

Yo momma smells so good I wanna hang her from the rear view mirror.

Yo momma so perceptive I only have to say half of what I mean, she just gets me.

I found all of these in the Yo Momma so Extraordinary by Zachary Reese and Ethan McCcreadie.  It is one way to give these two ladies a high five, two thumbs up and YO!  Thanks to Quirk Books for sending this one my way.

Now on to my 'girls'.  One is a single mom of two kiddos (my lovely grandbabes) and the other is a mommy to be.  Each of them are trying so hard to be good moms that they tend to forget that they are worthwhile.  I know that Vannah is thinking of her kiddos all of the time.  And Stacy is anticipating what is to come.  I wanted to share with them that they are putting in wonderful everyday lessons for all to see.  It is like The Tao of Motherhood by Vimala McClure.  Where it has become automatic for Vannah to provide the right foods for her children, teaching them that these are the ones they desire to eat.  I am so proud when I here my grandbabes ask for water to drink, not sodas and the such.  Staci is learning that she has to strive for clarity in her life.  To see what motivates her and her relationships so she can share that love and wonder with her baby to be.  I love the one on Serenity in The Tao of Motherhood.

The best mothering looks like no mothering.
Smothering heats up, stillness cools.
Be a still, cool stream for you child's agitation.
A serene mother rocks the universe in her arms and
All is Well.
I know that our baby 'Turtle' is now a lil boy.  Stacy and Lil John are thinking up names right now for this new grandbabe.  I am hoping for a good strong name.  My grandson's name is Landon Lyric.  I love that name.  The name Landon makes me think of Michael Landon from Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie fame.  He made us see a strong moral man who stood up for his family.  Lyric denotes music that fills our hearts with joy.  I see Landon Lyric as his name suggest, strong, loving and full of joy. 
I hear they are thinking of the name Scott Wayne for our lil turtle to be.  I love the way that sounds.  Scott with that thought of hearing a burr in the voice as it rolls off the tongue.  And Wayne makes me think of that John Wayne swagger.  I can see a grandbabe that will charm you one minute and make you swoon the next.  I am going to share my new lil yellow book, Bring Back Beatrice! with them.  Here they can read about name origins and see the meaning and character of a name.  That was where I found the information for the names above. 

As always, any books here mentioned may be gifts to me.  I am never paid for listing them.


  1. You are right, being calm is very important. Vannah is doing a good job and I am sure she struggles trying to be the rock but you would never know it if you spend time with those kiddos! I am sure both ladies will be grateful for information and help that you give.

  2. As a parent and a world renowned genius, I recommend doing what I did with all of my 26 children. SELL THEM AND MOVE TO THE TROPICS!!!!

  3. always make me laugh. I see how well that sell went with the two around you now. LOL Glad to hear from you!


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