People Keeping Me Up at Night

Well this last week I have been going to bed a bit earlier than usual.  Especially tired?  No, that was not it.  But instead while the Grandbabes where laying down to get to sleep, I was curling up to escape.  Each evening I could be found joining the North Americas's Forgotten Past series with The Dawn Country.  This was a different sort of books for me to read.  But I quickly became entrenched by the story. 

This series was written by a husband and wife team.  W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear have taken their talents as archaelolgists and a former state historian to meld together a series of books on the Iroquois tribes.  And they have done a wonderful job of bringing this history to life.  The Dawn Country is the second in the series of North America's Forgotten Past.  The first was People of the Longhouse.  While the tribes were fighting with each other to gain land during trying times, several of the children had been kidnapped.  Now they are being held in Gannajero's camp and not sure they can wait to be saved.  Wrass has decided to help lead the children in an attack against the warriors in hopes that some of them may escape.  We know that Koracoo and Gonda are still searching for the children along with the Healer and War Chief.  Fighting against time and the knowledge that some of the children are being sold off to other villages, forever lost to their families, these warriors are willing to overcome any obstacle in their way.

I fell for these tribes from the 1400's.  Learning of their way of life and acceptance of hard times.  It filled me with determination that life is well worth the living.  I must thank the Gears for sharing their books with me.  How lucky to have both People of the Longhouse and The Dawn Country sent to me.  Of course there is never a monetary fee for this.  Just the joy of reading and sharing with you what I thought of the books. 

Oh and I have decided to do Crazed Mind's Book Swap.  So far we have 8 people who would like to join in.  There are a few things I need for this.  So bear with me.  I will be sending out emails to the ones who have expressed interest.  I have one lady who would like to swap with someone that reads Christian books.  If this is you please let me know.  That is what she reads and wants some one of like mind.  Also this is open to all, not just bloggers.  The rules are real easy.  This is a GREEN swap.  Gather a book bag, shopping bag, tote or the such that you ALREADY OWN.  Put in 5 books that you  ALREADY OWN or so inside of it.  Package it up.  Send it to your swap partner on the week of March 28-31.  Send it Media Mail (better rates).   Let me know that it has been mailed out.  When you get yours, let me know it has arrived.  This way we can be insured all the partners are with their 'new' books.  This is a good ol honor system on sharing with each other.  If you wish link back to Crazed Mind's Book Swap and share on your blog, facebook or twitter.    So here is your chance to join in.  Let me know if your interested.  The first 8 commented on the original post, I have an email that will go out to you with all of this information.  Thanks for sharing and hope we all enjoy!

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