Howdy on a Monday

Every Sunday Never Growing Old posts five get to know you questions.  So we can all learn a little more about each and every one of us!!  Here are this weeks.


1. What jewelry do you wear 24/7?   Only my wedding ring
2. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?  Cut it and eat with a spoon.  I eat almost everything with a spoon.
3. How many siblings do you have?  5 and they are all my half-brothers or sister.
4. Were you named after anyone?  Lenore is my first name and it comes from the poem Lenore by E. A. Poe.
5. Coke or Pepsi?   Always Coke, Always diet and prefer the lime.

The RHOKHave you ever looked at your blogging stats? They are a wealth of information. You can find out how many views your blog has in a day (a week, a month, etc.), the most viewed posts, and traffic sources.  The RHOK is looking at them on todays McLinky Monday.

If you go to your "Stats" tab (from your Blogger Dashboard, if you use Blogger. I'm not sure how to do this from Wordpress or other formats), you can click on "Traffic Sources" and down at the bottom it will give you the top ten "Search Keywords" 10 keywords that bring people to your blog.

For instance, here are the top ten words from my blog from May 2010 to present.  It did not go back to the beginning of my blog,

crazed mind

crazed mind blog  (These make sense)

national rubber ducky day  (Dear Hubby loves rubber duckies)

  (again more logic)

happy b'day dad  (odd, was just a card post)

lenore webb comanche texas blog  (yeah this is me!)

"orange"  (This I wonder favorite color it Pink)

giveaway  (By the way there is one going on right now HERE)

The most viewed post here at Crazed Mind from May 2010 til now was Happy B'Day Dad    But my all time best, most read and most commented post is The Rooster Must Die.  {click title to read post}


  1. Nice to get to know you better! It is funny how things like that happen -the color orange -that's my son's fav. though ;)

  2. I think it's cool that most of your searched keywords are about you, your name, and your blog...that's pretty cool!

    Funny about orange though!

    Thanks for linking up!!

    ~Mrs. Edwards

  3. Thanks for linking up today at The RHOK- funny how the searches were huh? Our names were norm, but some things were so out there! Mrs. Hart


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