DH Hits the Mark

This weekend was a busy one for us. We did lawn detail. Managed quite a bit but have tons more to do. Of course that is how it always is.  Our compost bin is full and now having to just be rotated on a regular basis.  And half of our leaves are all raked up from the winter and fall.  We also tilled the front yard in the constant battle to kill the stickers.  Have put out weed killer twice now.  Today I hope it warms up a lil so I can start raking out the dead weeds.  Later we will fertilize more and then plant grass.  

Our weekend was full of work but it one where Dear Hubby and I were very happy with each other.  Not the heat of love but the constant happiness of being together.  It is growing more and more as the years tick by.  I know that when we were first dating and DH would say something sweet, I would remark what page in his lil black book was it from.  I just knew he had to have some lil handbook to tell him all the right things.  I had never met a man that showed me so much love and understanding.  Well, he says he did not have one but I have found just that book!  Really!  And it is a Lil Black Book too!  Stuff Every Husband Should Know is the perfect gift for the Man new to wed or this upcoming Fathers Day.  It is another great book from Quirk.  So what does every husband need to know?  Well how about wife space comes before man cave?  True.  And how to say I love you in elvish (think J. R. R. Tolkin), Amin mela lle.  I know women that would do backflips for that...okay odd.  Others are how to serve breakfast in bed, politely looking at other women and how to meet your wife's friends husbands.  It is really a wealth of information that men can use.  I am going to introduce Dear Hubby to how to fold clothes.  Hope it works!

Well if that is not enough then how about learning 150 Secrets to a Happy Wife by Joe Gumm.  Now I think Dear Hubby has mastered this book.  Why?  Well, he makes me happy.  I mean I can curl up next to him, lay my head on his chest, then drool away.  Yes, he has that effect on me.  I see that this has so many times of telling men to help with the housework.  I agree but only a lil.  Why?  Well I am home ALL the time.  I can do the housework and actually like it.  But I know I am not the norm.  Most women really do want and need help with the housework.  You know how busy life is now days.  But I do like the way this book reads.  More like man to man.  A friend who is sharing those secrets that are time tested.  My favorite chapter is titled, Quit acting like your the Man and be THE Man.  Oh this is a chapter men need, especially young husbands.  Wish it was something they had to read before wedding vows could be uttered! Of course this book was written by a Texas man, you know big, strong and sweet as can be.

Oh, I will say it again.  I am not paid for these books.  We all know that.  Just an avid reader who is lucky enough to get to share them with you. 


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