Taking advantage of the cape trend

Guest post written by Caty Crawford

I put it off for a few months but I just couldn't stand it for all that much longer to not have a winter cape. They're just so adorable and I think that by the beginning of this month I was the only one of my friends that didn't already have one of them.

So I went online to try and find some that were on clearance in all of those after the holidays clothing styles and when I was on my search for them I came across the website ClearTVBundle.com and decided to look through it. I showed it to my roommates and they agreed to order an internet package for our internet service at our apartment.

Well, I did finally buy a cape that got me in on the cape trend. It just got shipped to my place last week and it's the cutest thing ever! I feel like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl when I wear it because it's pretty preppy and chic, not too much so.

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