Monday Mayhem

The ladies over at RHOK have asked, what is your favorite lil' Road Trip? And invited me to link up to share one or some of your favorite places to visit close to your home.

Mine is the WOW tour.  WOW is the Way Out Wineries of Texas.  Since we have an award winning vineyard here in Comanche Texas let's start there.  Brennan Vineyards located in Comanche, TX has the tasting room in the McCrary House built in 1879. The McCray house is one of the oldest houses in West Central Texas. The new winery and event center buildings are only feet away from the tasting room.  My favorite is the Three White Chicks.  This is a sweet white wine that is perfect at the end of the day.  I can sip it and sit on the porch on a summer evening.  Nothing can be better at that time.  Pure relaxation.

The Way Out Wineries offer events throughout the year. In March there is a St. Patrick’s Day Weekend event. Later the Wildflowers Road Trip takes place. The first weekend of July is the Picnic Road trip. Most of the events require tickets.  Road trip winery events take place over the course of three days enabling wine enthusiasts to travel to all of the wineries.  Don't forget to get your Go Texan WOW passport too.  Lots of extras there for free!

My next favorite is Sister Creek Vineyards.  It is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country in Sisterdale, Texas (Pop. 25).  The Muscat Canelli Reserve is better than the bubbly champagne in my book. You will find a white Italian style wine with residual sugar and slightly carbonated.  This is the perfect pairing with some fruit and cheese to enjoy with friends on a Sunday afternoon.  I can not think of a better wine to serve then.

Another fun thing was that Debra Ann Elliott of High Heels and Hot Flashes tagged me with  this writing meme/blog award called "7 Facts. So now I must tell you seven unknown facts about me and tag 15 of my blogger friends.
Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass on the award along to 15 other worthy bloggers.

Here are my seven little know facts:

1.  I am a pen pal to several people in prison.  I can not think how hard it is to be locked up and not have some sort of support system.  So I have different people that I write to on a regular basis.  Giving a outlook to life when they eventually get to go home.  It is very rewarding to have these friendships to build on.  The first thing I had to learn was not to judge anyone.  That accepting them for the person they are now is the key.  Gosh, I know we all have our past and I would not want mine all dug up either.
2.  I ran out of deodorant recently.  And since for a weird unexplainable reason we have 6 men's deodorant here.  I decided not to buy mine but use what was available.  Gosh, I smell all manly now!  EWWW!
3.  I bought me ANOTHER travel coffee cup.  Mine keep getting 'lost' by some man who lives here (eyeing Dear Hubby).  This one is looks like a paper coffee to go cup but is ceramic with a silicone lid. I am going to have to soak the taste like rubber.
4. My favorite thing to do at night is to curl up in bed with a book and a snack.  We are told not to eat right at bedtime.  But I will say I always fall asleep so happy and satisfied this way.
5. I love playing the Wii with my Dear Hubby.  Especially if I win.  Just so happy to be able to physically move and get him too.  Horrid I know but I have a bad competitive streak. 
6. When I get overwhelmed I do 1 of three things.  Clean/rearrange the house.  Color my hair a different shade.  Break old plates.  Yes I keep old sets of dishes just for this reason.  When I just can not handle life anymore and the stress is making me crazy, I take a few of these not needed dishes outside and bust them up.  Okay, I have to clean up the mess.  But it is so good to hear the crash and bang.  And still have not torn up anything of importance to me.  They say you should try throwing wadded up kleenex as hard as you can.  Just not any loud noise there for me!
7. I miss miss miss not having a houseful of kiddos here.  I miss not doing childcare.  I miss the income from it.  I miss the happiness of the kids.  I miss the order to a day when they are around.  I miss the laughter and awe.  I miss the cuddles and kisses. 

Now I am tagging the following blogger friends:

Oh and talking about kiddos let me share one more thing.  Princess Emma is a fan of Martha Speaks.  That I am glad of.  So many children's shows that I do not like but this is a great one for content and learning.  This week there are  new episodes of Martha Speaks. PBS KIDS will premiere 5 brand new episodes featuring everyone’s favorite talking dog beginning today, President’s Day, Monday, February 21, 2011 (check local listings). Join Martha and her friends as they explore the arts while learning words such as soprano, conductor, legend, dramatize, and more.

The fun starts with “The Opera Contest” and “Maestro Martha”. In “The Opera Contest,” a local opera company is holding a contest to get kids interested in opera.  In “Maestro Martha,” bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft have a plan to turn a charity concert into a heist by using the power of music...very strange music.  On Wednesday, February 23, in “Martha Acts Up,” Mrs. Boxwood offers Martha a part in Alice in Wonderland. Martha is thrilled at her opportunity to become a star of the theater, but when she finds out she’s cast as the Cheshire cat, she’s horrified.  The week concludes on Friday, February 25 with the kids’ take on classic Greek myths. In “Myth Me?” and “TD’s Myth Take,” the gang turns a boring, rainy day into fun by acting out Greek myths.

In addition to the new episodes, join Martha and pals online at for new games, printables, and videos. New this season is a feature called Dog. In addition, kids can play with theater-associated words in the new game Truman’s Word Play. There is a Martha Speaks Facebook page too. We even have a coupon that you can post which enables your readers to get 10% off personalized Martha Speaks merchandise at Ty’s Toy Box.

Now last but not least at my 30 Minutes for me for Sunday was....sat on the porch and had a couple glasses of wine.  It was so nice to sit and soak up some sunshine.  By the time my 30 minutes was up I felt as if I had had a refreshing nap.  Relaxed and ready to start in on the next project. 

So tell me what your doing for yourself every day?  Anything?  Come know how important you are.  Just give in and indulge a little.  You won't regret it....I am sure.


  1. Okay, I do need to do the 30 minutes for me. Can I do it at a winery?

  2. Mine for yesterday was taking a felt so good!

  3. Hhhmmm how can we get a RHOK Tour of WOW?! It's blog worthy :)
    Thanks for linking up today!
    PS Keeping an old set of dishes just for breaking is ingenious!

  4. Wow! It was great getting to know you too!

  5. Oh, I love that you posted about wineries. We now have several around the Tulsa area that I'm really wanting to tour. I'm putting that on my list for summer.

    And, I cracked up at you keeping dishes to just break. That's hilarious.

    Thank you for linking up with us on The RHOK today. =)

    ~Mrs. Albright

  6. Sounds like a nice road trip - And nice to get to know you better :) We've been playing the Wii a lot lately around here -I also think slamming dishes around sounds like a great release! Too bad I don't keep any around for that -I have heard of some business in Japan or somewhere that you can pay to break some plates -pretty cool idea!

  7. I totally have been thinking of coloring my hair again and it's been ages since I've done that. Im stumped for a color though....

  8. Wineries - ooooohhhh how fun!!
    I'm thinking on this kleenex idea. Don't you think you'd get more irritated because you can't throw it? I think I would! lol.
    Thanks for the tag. I'm not sure I can come up with 7 things that everyone doesn't already know!!


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