Always is my Name

Dear Hubby has always said he knew he would marry Mrs. Right.  He just did not know her first name would be Always.  Yeah, that's me.  It is so funny that I can tell him right where any thing is in the house.  Missing socks to his toothbrush to that last hidden candy bar.  Of course I know where the candy bar is.   But it is more that I am detail minded (aka OCD) and know EVERTYTHING!  Well not everything....but a heck of a lot of it.

Actually I am a very resourceful finder of things.  Need help getting aid for a person, call me.  I can tell you about food pantries, clothes closets, how to file for aid for homes and medical, the programs to lower your bills and the ones to give you a support group.  If your looking for information.  Click, click, click and I am looking it up.  It was on this day in 1896 that the Tootsie Roll was introduced. It became America's first individually wrapped penny candy. And that just perfect quote.....Well of course I pick up "Women Know Everything".  It is a fantastic lil PINK book that has 3,241 quips, quotes and brilliant (we are talking women here) remarks.   This book first arrived in 2007 but the newest edition was released this month. 

See what would be some favorites?  Oh of course, my love of coffee.  "Behind every successful woman . . . is a substantial amount of coffee." This was said by American cartoonist Stephanie Piro.  I would have to second that one.  But you know it is always to have another woman back you up when your out to win that discussion (we never argue, do we?)  Don't take my word for it.  Hermoine Gingold said "Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman's weapon is her tongue."    Oh and talking about us wonderful females...let's not forget that March is Women's History Month.

Well, I am off.  I have a all so busy day doing errands.  Some of that I know everything kinda stuff.  Helping a man who is homeless.  We are setting up his Social Security benefits, going to see about housing, popping in at the food pantry and clothes closet, to name a few things.  I am really glad that I can help out.  Now ta ta for now........

Dang it, wait.....Thanks first to Quirk Books at their fun site for sending me my argument backup book.  Of course they did not pay me just provided me with material to help prove.....WOMEN KNOW EVERYTHING!

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  1. Now I know we would be great friends.. Because I also know EVERything!!!
    Not really but I have been called with questions about all kinds of stuff.. Recently was called and asked the name of the boy on the Jetsons??
    Hello everyone knows!!
    I have been called about tax information.. just yesterday.. kicker is I haven't even done my taxes yet but have helped 3 others work on taxes..
    Have a wonderful day.. that book sounds good.. and ummmm Where is that Last Candy Bar????


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