A Day Filled with Promise

Gosh it is quiet here this morning.  Well I guess not quiet as not stirring.  Dear Hubby, College Girl and Granny M all still tucked away.  The herd of dogs have been out and are now giving me a lil serenade of their soft doggie snores.  Sitting here by the front windows I hear birds telling me to fill the bird bath and feeders.  And the wind is creating music for me with the chimes on the porch.  Not a bad way to start the day. 

I am all cuddled up in my soft fleece robe and warm fur lined house boots.  Dreaming of a cup of coffee but not ready to get to making it yet.  Where are my coffee fairies?  Could use a few around here.  Other wise planning in my head the day ahead.  One whole day to do as I wish.  No commitments.  Full of promise.  Limits, yes....financial ones of course.  Always there.  But still ready to be experienced.  So what to do?

Well my family likes to eat so I know I will have to make a couple of meals.  And clean up from them.  There goes a couple of hours.  And not too pretty to look at right now.  A bath would not be amiss.  Deduct 30 minutes there.  Going to sit here and goof off some as that is my daily fun routine.  What do you say?  Minus another 2 hours of my day?  So 4 1/2 hours off of a 15 hour day.  Not bad....round up.  Still 10 hours to play with.  Garden gnome with wheelbarrow                                            Image via Wikipedia

Of course I could weed the front flower beds, rake the front yard of weeds, put out the sticker killer that I doubt will work, cut back the limbs that need to be trimmed, rake the fallen leaves in the back yard and clean the porch.  That would only take oh 4 to 6 hours of my day.  And is needed.  But gosh it sure does not sound like a day full of promise.  Wait wait....look again.  Yes it is work, needed work.  But it is also preparing for those beautiful flowers that bloom in Granny M's flower beds.  And it helps me enjoy those mornings of drinking coffee on the porch.  I love the fresh look when it is all tided back up.  Spring surely can not arrive if I do not prepare for her?  So yes, let's plan a work day.  So that tomorrow I can take a break.  Sit and drink.  Listen to the birds.  And think of the chores to be done.


  1. Enjoy your beautiful day!!
    I am also just sitting back and going to enjoy today.. My house is nice and quiet.. the doggies are napping..
    My list of things that must be done today is.. Go to the grocery store.. but that won't take me long as I only need a few things..

  2. Have a beautiful day :) It's gorgeous but chilly here in New England today.


  3. It was beautiful here yesterday and today too. I/we should have gone out and enjoyed it but we just layed around. Hope you had a great day!


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