30 minutes for me!

My 30 minutes for me today was spent having a break with College Girl.   We went and had a meal, well she had ice cream.  And enjoyed just time to visit, talk and catch up.

This was a legit 30 minutes for me because I have missed her so this last few weeks.  She has been so busy with school, plays and life in general.  It did my soul a world of good to hear her tell me of her daily life.  And more so to see her relax and enjoy.

So a sneaky way to indulge....but an indulgence for me anyway.

And while we were out we saw this lil miniature cafe.  All set up with tables and chairs outside of it.  But gosh darn it...look at the hot dog on the table.  Would that not be almost the complete size of the person who would sit in the chairs?  So who could eat that much?  I know picky but made us giggle anyway.


  1. Hey Kiddo! Just wanted to touch base and say hi and I'm thinking of you! I just can't drag myself to Curves as early as you do! LOL! We've been busy fixing our kitchen floor from the water damage during that bad weather, I've been cleaning houses and so forth, so I haven't had much time to slow down and yell hi! Tell mom, hubby and college girl I said hi! God Bless,

  2. hi there- i'm your newest follower after finding you on never growing old's blog roll for over 40 bloggers. Loving that list! would love a follow back. I have a junior in highschool and wrote a post titled "I'm not ready" about her growing up. sniff.sniff.


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