MckLinky Monday ~ 5 Things I Can't Do Anymore

The RHOKToday I thought I would join up with the ladies across the border....yeah, up there in Oklahoma.   Hey, I am actually jealous that I am not part of the RHOK....some pretty cool women have made up this front.  And with my high heels, pearls and shirt dress, I know I would just fit in.  Well my alter ego would at least.  So as I was saying, I am running with the pack and doing their MckLinky Monday.

The only Image via Wikipedia My first thing I can not do anymore is joke about jail.  Seriously!  I have never been in jail or even arrested.  But in our youth we can joke about it.  Some pretend to be tough and wear it as a badge of honor.  But I can not....the fear of how horrid it would be in jail is too  much for me to even joke about it.  Why?  Well stories like the ones in “Beyond Scared Straight” get to me.  (Have you heard about this show?)  It premiered this last week on A&E.  In that episode, five at-risk teenaged girls had a close-up look at Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla , CA . In addition to the grueling day they had, looming over their visit is the risk that if they can’t convince the inmates they’re going to make changes in their lives, they’ll have to stay at the prison for an additional 72 hours.  I remember this idea when I was in high school.  I think it is interesting they are bringing the Scared Straight program back.  If you watch this show you will follow the girls as they attend the program, experience their intensive one-day in-prison session and then follow up with them one-month later to see the lasting impressions the program has left on them.  I know it would have worked if I had to have done it.....not that I was a bad girl....just a regular let's have fun kinda teen. 

Dottie and OmaImage by Dream Dottie via FlickrSecond, hummmm, that first one still has me nervous.  Okay, second,  I can't ride a bike anymore.  I tried a few years ago.  Thinking you never forget how to ride a bike.  Well that is true you do not forget how to ride a bike.  But you do forget that it takes muscles and joints that do not hurt.  Oh my goodness, I was in so much pain to just get around the block.  My rheumatoid arthritis had me in tears.  Yes, tears.  I never knew that riding a bike could hurt so much.  Oh no, don't fool yourself that it is the same as that lil exercise stationary bike, cause it is not.  You have to pedal, balance, cry, steer, keep up right and get back home.....all at the same time.  PAIN!

I'm pregnant, and I'm beautifulImage by Ed Yourdon via FlickrThird, I can not get pregnant ever again.  And I promise you in my mid forties I would not want to.  I currently have a young friend who is experiencing her first pregnancy.  She is of course learning that it is not all sunny glow and rubbing your belly.  No the first part is almost all puking.  Thankfully I found her a lil aid.  BRAT, is an all organic drink that was made for sick kiddos.  But it works well for those pregnant mommies too.  I gave her some of the vanilla and she said that yes it did help.  It is a blend of brown rice milk, banana and apple purees, and a dose of vitamins and minerals to calm pained and dehydrated stomachs.  She said she was not too fond of the flavor but she thought a kiddo would drink it alright.  And it really did settle her upset tummy.  So she is thrilled about that part.  Would you have loved something to settle your tummy during that stage of pregnancy?

The delightful Eko alarm clock - it's only 4in...Image via WikipediaFourth,  I can not sleep late at all.  I mean, I think that if I actually slept til eight in the morning I would faint.  Normally now I wake from two to five in the morning.  My lil eyes pop open, I am wide awake and I lay there wondering what time is it.  Everyone else is sleeping.  The dogs are all quiet.  No kitties running and must not be time to get up.  But there is no going back to sleep for me.  Finally I will drag myself out into the chilled air of the bedroom, slip on my robe and house shoes to make my way to this computer.   It seems to be my first stop of the day.  Actually I like that I have quiet time to come here and visit.  I am not taking my time or attention away from my family at all.  And it is so much fun to visit with all of my online friends this way.  So I sorta like that I don't sleep in.  BUT, I do wish I would at least wait til five in the morning to wake up.

Fifth (oh and last), I can not stop dying my hair.  Really!  There are these gray things coming out of the top of my head.  They claim it is from old age....but I know better than that.  (I mean I am not old!)  It has to be some weird chemical reaction to all of the pollution in the air.  So now I just make sure to dye my hair often.  If not those gray things just keep popping up.  And I know I do not want them there.  I even look to buy my hair coloring in six packs.  (No they don't come that way, but should).  But if I do then at least I have the same color of hair for at least a year.  I did go through a summer a few years ago where I played with fun colors.  Honestly!  Did orange, red, pink, purple and blue that summer.  See!  Here is my 'ol lady blue hair' stage.  Was really fun to do.   I felt so young.  Can you believe (yes fuzzy photo) that I was in my forties in that picture?  Yeah, sure was.  What a great thing punked out hair color can do for a gal.

Well, that is my five things I can not do anymore.  What are yours?  Jump on over to the ladies of RHOK and play along today.  Tell me what you can't do (or just won't do) anymore.  Oh and by the way, I did get a free sample of the BRAT for my friend to try.  But she told me how well it worked.  And I did see an advance screening of Scared Straight....thus my fear to joke about jail now. 


  1. Hi Lynette,

    I won't run cross country any time soon - even though I would like to just without the hills and sweat and cold weather, I won't leave the house without deodorant, I won't drink coffee with caffeine - it gives me a stomach ache and headache, I won't academically perform poorly in math again, and I won't cut my locs - its taken me too long to get to the length where I am now and I cherish them!

  2. Oh I know what you mean about riding a bike -I've always had short legs so, it can be hard to find a bike that fits me right -But, now I'm sure I'd fall off anyways ;) Not, sure if I'm looking forward to the can't have kids anymore I don't plan to have more -but, still.

  3. Okay, I haven't seen that show or even heard of it. But, I can tell you there's no way, no how I'd ever want to go anywhere near a prison. My dad is a retired trooper and I've been to one and to a few jails and they freak me out. They freak me out enough to stay out of trouble. Ha!

    I so get the whole biking thing.

    I also get the whole hair coloring thing. I started graying at 15 and now at 42 I'm completely gray. I was all gray by 30. Ick. I have to color every three weeks or I look like a skunk. Worst part? I think I'm developing an allergy to hair dye. :( I'll be shopping for wigs I have a feeling.

    What a sweet friend you are to help your pregnant friend out. I'm sure she really appreciated what you got her.

    Thank you for linking up with us. Your intro had me laughing out loud.

    ~Mrs. Albright

  4. I loved your list!! Thanks for linking up with the RHOK. Wish I had had that BRAT to drink when I was preggo. You're a good friend!


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