2011 Here We Come!

Happy New Year to all of you!

I am happy to be here today.  As many of my readers already know my mother had another heart attack on her 77th birthday.  Now we did not take her out to a male strip bar and get her all excited either.  We had a nice dinner out.  She came home and got ready for bed.  Soon the pains begin to hit as they have in the past (yet not told us!)  But she told us this time and off to the hospital we went.  Now we are in a waiting game til we can have a double heart bypass done this next week.  In the meantime it is sitting at the hospital and waiting.  I am staying with her while College Girl takes care of Dear Hubby at home.  Remember he is still healing up from his foot surgery.

I was not happy that our New Year is starting off with all of split in different directions.  And illness, recovery are on our backs.  But I am happy that we all come together to help each other out.  College Girl remarked that we work as a team, she just is noticing some of the members are not at home right now.  She is shouldering quite a load there all on her own.  Running the complete house, meals, pets and caring for her step-dad.  My mom (Granny M) is resting the best she can.  I am here to help with the lil things.  Getting her laundry done, making hot tea (she loves it) and a lil bit of entertaining.  It is hard to  be confined to a bed and just waiting.  It will be mid week next week before we have the surgery and then another week or more of recovery time.  Once we get to go home it will be several months til she is up and running again.

So I do ask y'all all bear with me if I am a lil sporadic.  I may have my flights of time that I am just all wrapped up in caring for family.  I appreciate all the well wishes and prayers we have been flooded with.  That is an amazing support.  I also want to tell you that at this time I won a $25 gift card from Dawn at The Way I See Things.  What a blessing that is.  Currently I am staying at a hospital hospitality house.  It is like a mini motel.  With a kitchen and laundry room available.  This way I can store and fix food, not having to eat out every day.  And I have a place to rest other than a hard hospital bedside chair.  At $35 a night, the gift card almost pays for one of my nights stays.  So isn't that really lucky for me.  Makes me happy to have so many good things surrounding my life.

I pray all of y'all have a blessed New Year.  I am once again thankful that your hear.  You keep my spirits filled more than you could ever know. 


  1. Happy New Year, best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Happy New Year to you as well!! Don't you love being the recipient of a gift card:) I was able to win 2 myself this past month and they really come in handy.
    Take care!


  3. Sending prayers to you and your family. Keep us posted, please. But don't feel obligated to post, if that makes sense? Family first!!!

  4. I hadn't heard about your mom!! Very very sorry! Take care! gayle

  5. Best wishes to your mom, and to you also!

  6. I was just thinking of you and Granny M. I am glad to hear that you are not trying to sleep in the hospital, that is no fun.

    Take care and I will keep sending prayers to you and your mother!


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