More Winners

 First I won over at The Crazy Suburban Mom (aka Tracy) and now I am in cleaning heaven.  I have a brand new Libman broom and dustpan to go with my Libman Freedom Mop.  Now it will be that much easier to clean up all this pet hair.  I have to sweep and mop every day.  Recently I put down some area rugs to help keep the floors warmer for the pets this winter.  Now I need a lil vacuum. Who has one of these for me to win???????

Thank you . Off to pull out my heels, pearls and my Dress Apron...Yes, I do have a dress apron. Thank you !

Now for winners on my blog.  We have two winners and they are:

Rock 'N Learn's Money & Making Change DVD winner is:

I follow you via GFC (I'm annejk112233 or anne)

When You Say "Thank You," Mean It winner is:

I am a new gfc follower

I will be sending out emails to these winners to let them know.  Congrats!

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  1. You're going to love it. Honestly its the easiest thing in the world - so much easier then taking out a vacuum - its like a minute and your done. love it


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