the true meaning of Christmas is right here!  Total Christmas cookie indulgence.  Right?  Okay your right that is not the true meaning....but gosh how I love to give in to indulgences.  By the way, this is just the cookies we made last night.  By Dear Hubby's count it was 20 dozen.

Breakfast of Christmas cookie champions.  Starting on the left and going around clockwise we have. 

  1. Chocolate Gingerbread
  2. Date Oatmeal Bar
  3. Grandma's Favorite cookie according to Aunt Pearl (a chocolate chip fluffy cookie)
  4. Mocha Cocoa Spritz
  5. Old Fashion Oatmeal Rasin
  6. Fresh Apple Bar
  7. (Center Stage) Vanilla Spritz
And we top this off with a nice fresh cup of Folgers coffee!  I am in heaven this morning. 


  1. Looks so yummy! My kind of breakfast!

  2. I thought I loved cookies but I think you have me beat. LOL


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