Holidays Over?

Today is Monday and time to get back to business. Of course who wants to do that? No one. It is harder still for me (or so I think). Dear Hubby is still home and will be for another 4 more weeks. That is another 4 weeks of not moving. No walking, standing, pacing....the works. 4 weeks of laying on the couch being a lounge for the cats and dogs as they come and go off his stomach. Poor man.

So while needing to get back into the swing of things here I still feel like life is on a break. Since he is not up and leaving in the morning. Nor is College Girl while she is on her holiday break to. Our house is dead in the mornings. Gosh, (and don't faint) I even slept til 9:30 am today. HONESTLY!  It seems that Granny M is getting up early, leaving for her coffee clutch and then returning to a house of 1/2 dead people.  We are eating meals at off times.  But are having great meals at the same time. 

Tonight we were blessed with home made cinnamon rolls and carmel cookies from Other Mother (Princess Emma's mom).  They brought over a big bowl of each.  I loved the time visiting with everyone again.  That is another thing.  We have had someone over every day for week pop in for a visit.  It has been wonderful.  Gosh no wonder I do not want to get back to work. 

Of course I may not need too!  Today a family friend came by and the sweet young man cleaned for me.  REALLY!  He washed the dishes from lunch, swept and mopped.  Yes, a young man in his very early 20's volunteered to do my housework just because.  That was so nice of him.  Yes, I did check....he did not have a fever either. 

So I know I need to get back to bills.  Get back to my reviews.  Look up my housework.  But I think tomorrow I will take Dear Hubby up to the office so he can say goodbye to a co-worker who is retiring.  Gosh that should eat up 1/2 the day right?  Work will still be here waiting for me.

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  1. Hope Hubby is recovering well. I sooo wish I could sleep until 9:30. Its getting closer to reality, someday. Maybe when Miss Megan is a teenager. lol.

    Hope your Monday was good. Its Tuesday already... sheesh. It never stops.


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