Fashion Show

I have been plenty busy taking care of Dear Hubby.  Forgive my absence here.  But I am sure you understand a man at rest means a woman does not play.  Actually I have to say he has been wonderful.  Not at all too demanding.  He rest a lot as he should.  We had a 1st week check up and all is looking good.  The Dr. says he is healing well and the feet look lovely.  I disagree since they are all swollen, bruised and bloodied.  Not too good looking yet.  But this will all heal and be so much better for him in the long run.

In the meantime College Girl has finished all of her finals and is home for the holiday break.  We had a mishap when the alternator went out in her 86 Mustang.  Thankfully her Other Mother and Poppa (Princess Emma's folks) came to her rescue.  Was able to get her to campus in time for a final and spend several days getting the car back up and running.  They were her knights in shining armor.  Even if Princess Emma was wearing pink armor.  She even let me borrow her crown.  I thought we looked radiant.

College Girl also was able to do a lil fashion modeling for us.  She has 3 new tops from the Susie Rose collection.  They looked great on her and she thought she would show them off.  Which is your favorite?

The first is all black.  She loves it for backstage work.  It does have a scoop neckline and is form fitting.  But College Girl has a nice shape any way.  Too bad she is not into the look like a model yet.  LOL  Pretty much a stand as you are girl.
I do love that all of the clothes are affordable at under $25 each.  That is important on a starving students budget.  We found this listed at only $8.00 at Walmart.  You could stock up on all the different colors here.  I even found my fav Pink!

 This one we loved for the boat neck.  College Girl does not have a single boat neck til this top.  Classic in looks with the stripes.  But she does look a lil wider in it than she is at a size 4 to 6. Gosh I wish I was that small!

Sienna Miller, Stacy Kiebler, Kate Beckinsale, Whitney Port, Kelly Rutherford, and The Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky are all crazy about Susie Rose! At least that is what we have been told. 

The last one is purple which is perfect.  That is her school color!  A nice tie belt attached and again a scoop neckline.  Not so deep this time.  She seems most comfortable in this one to my thought. 

This is listed at only $15.00 at Walmart.  Now that is a good deal for College Girl.  They also have it in black.  Now we know she is styling with the celebs.  Ha Ha!  But honestly I did think they were some nice looking tops for my long and lean lady.  And she was very happy to have received these 3 to review for Susie Rose. 

DISCLOSURE: I received 3 complimentary tops as you have seen to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. Purple-Pink one is my fav! Thanks for stopping by today. Merry Christmas!

  2. The black one is my favorite but she looks great in all of them!!


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