Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Good morning folks. Gosh it is so good to have Dear Hubby back home. Healthy and on the mend. You should see him, his color is good and he can breath again. Makes me smile so much. So I thought today I would share with you so many ways to help take good care of yourself.  I have quite a line up of goodies that are able to help out in so many ways.  I hope you find something here you like.  I know we did.

So let's get started.  First I will tell you (and you already know it) we have to hydrate.  Water is the most important drink we can consume.  And there are tons of them on the market now.  Gosh, if you had told me as a kid that we would pay for water I would have said you was nuts.  I mean buy a soda, sure!  Buy bottled water, NO WAY!  But we do.  I can understand why even.  Have you ever tasted the water where I live?  Unlimited lake water and sure taste just like it.  YUCK!  But I do not need the extras either.  I mean flavor yes, sugar no, caffeine no.  I love the taste of HINT water.  You can get it at Starbucks around here.  They have great fruit flavors with my favorite being Strawberry Kiwi.  It is funny because right now that is the Yogi bottle.  You know, Yogi and Boo-Boo!  Loved that cartoon when I was young.  There is a new 3 D movie coming out for Yogi on December 13th and you can win free tickets from HINT.  Just go to

Speaking of no added caffeine there is a new energy drink on the horizon too.  College Girl loves it chilled and has been carrying it to campus with her.  MODJO 4LIFE is made with natural flavors and organic cane juice.  It also has Resveratrol in it which comes from the skin of red grapes....good for your heart folks.  Add in the antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamins and you have a winning combination.  CG says the flavor is great and she seems to be thriving on it during this busy season of plays, class work and projects she is currently working on.  There is also a Modjo Life Natural Energy shot that is caffeine free.  CG says it works but does not care for the heavy taste.  Of course she is not a energy shot kinda girl.  She thought it would have been better if she had it chilled too.

I was happy to have some snacks while I was waiting in the hospital for Dear Hubby.  I felt worried and drained.   I did not have much of an appetite but knew I needed to keep up my energy too.  Thankfully I had some of the bars from Wings of Nature.  They are organic health bars that are not heated when being made.  So none of the ingredients loose their raw potential.  I also love that they were gluten free, cholesterol free, no trans fats, vegetarian and low in sodium.  Gosh, I did wonder if they were so "free" of  things how would they taste?  But I do have to say I loved two of them very much.  Of course if you know me you would know that the Espresso Coffee Bar had my name all over it.  Great flavor and a true feeling of indulgence when I ate it.  My other fav was the Cranberry Crunch Bar.  I love cranberries and we all know this is the season for them.  I was not as thrilled with the Almond Raisin Bar even though I love almonds and raisins.  But the lil sesame seeds where not to my taste.

One more thing that I really loved using while I was away from home.  It is the Bryton Pick.  This is a great lil jewel.  It is a way to floss your teeth but not have all that string to carry with you.  This took up the same amount of space as my debit card does in my wallet.  But I can pull it out and floss (I did go to the bathroom to do it!) after my meals and snacks.  I was not having to feel bad about not being able to take care of my teeth while I was away from home.  And since it is my own lil pick, I just rinse it, dry it and store it for reuse.  Great idea!

So what have you found lately that seems to be a go to for replenishing your thirst or hunger?  I keep trying to find different things that I will enjoy to take away my guilty pleasures of candy and sodas.  I am not horrid on them but I do enjoy them very much.  I will say that with this season of parties, meals and get togethers we are having to find the good things to fill our bodies with.

All of these products were sent to me to review.  No financial compensation was given.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

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