Showing up in the Dark

College Girl is quite busy with theater projects right now. I think I am only seeing her dressed in black right now.  You see when they are working backstage (and she does on every show it seems) you must wear all black from head to toe.  That way you can not be seen when your scurrying around by the audience.  Well I was happy to send her to practice with a new black shirt.  And this one not only will make her show up (well it is only practice) but also helps a wonderful cause.

The black Halo shirt glows in the dark.  Yes the blue Halo shows up and it can give us hope like a halo is intended to do.  This shirt was made with the Little Lamb Kidz site in collaboration with Smile Train.  You have heard of Smile Train right?  That is a wonderful non-profit group that is working so hard to correct cleft lips and palates in children in 3rd world countries.  Well the 10% of the sale of the Halo shirt adds to this cause. 

I know that College Girl has had fun showing up where she is not quiet invisible backstage.  It has garnered some smiles from her fellow teckies during play practice.  But on opening night she will be back to her original blacks.  I do wish to thank Little Lamb Kidz for sending us a shirt.  And for telling us of ways to help others too.  

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