Sad Tale to Tell

Image via WikipediaThe other day I had a message passed to me to call a lady out of state. I was not sure who or why, but I dialed anyway. I was greeted by the sweetest voice. Birgitte had my name and phone number to contact me about how I wish to lose weight. She shared with me about the TAIslim Solution. I had heard a lil in passing about this product but really did not know too much about it. Well, Birgitte said she would send me some information and samples to tell me more about the program. You know how I have been fighting my weight for years now.
Not too long later I had a big ol package arrive full of flyers, magazines, CD's and a few samples. There was a lot of information on the Goji berry. Yeah, that super fruit that is hitting the health food stores everywhere. It is one of the secret ingredients behind the TAIslim program. First did you know that the Goji berry was orginally known as the Wolfberry? What a great name. Well I went online to learn more about the Goji berry. Sad to find that there are not enough studies to show that it helps with weight loss. It may help with some other health issues but all that I see says that more studies are needed. Dang it.
I have a few samples here that I could try but not enough to see if they would make any difference. There was Reverse! which is suppose to be an anti-aging formula.  I don't know as none of the ingredients are listed on the packages.  The same for Fired Up!...What it does?  How?  With what?  I don't know.  There was the TAIslim SKINNY which is suppose to help 'fill you up' and curb your appetite.  They are sugar free chocolate chews that you take between meals with 8 ounces of water.  I am guessing they are filled with fiber which would help do just that.  But again, I do not know as none of the ingredients are listed.  There was also some of the TAIslim Shake that you mix with water and blend.  But the package had already been opened so I could not try it. 
I hate to tell you all of this but what can a person do?  Without the complete information or proper samples I would be too worried to tell you to try it.  Gosh, I did not even try it.  So...have you had an experience like that before?  Helping out doing reviews it saddens me when I can not tell you to go for it.  And more so that I am not going to be able to make Birgitte happy at all.  Well that just goes to show you we can not make everyone happy all the time.


  1. you have to be honest. you can't expect to maintain your personal integrity if you lie.

  2. Yes, but you were responsible and that is far more important!

  3. Hey Kiddo! I went through the same thing with the Acai Berry. The only probloem was I was dumb enough to go online and fill out for the "trial order that was supposed to cost 4.95. Before I realized it and got to the bank to stop it, they had taken out 39.95 at one point, then a couple of days later 79.00. They are all rackets. Unfortunately, I have begun to realize there is no substitute for a low glycemic diet and exercise. I have a book called the sugar solution that you might be interested in. I just never got serious enough I guess. Let me know and I'll bring it to you. Please don't be like me and fall for gimmicks.

    God Bless,



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