Legos with out the Mess!

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This last week I had so much fun playing with my Legos. What? You don't play with Legos anymore? Why not? Well, I am not too thrilled with them all over the floor and the lil pieces getting lost. But I found a solution to all of that. Yeah, smart lil lady here can play and still not have a mess. Ha Ha, my kinda fun. I was happy invited to play the LEGO Universe Massively Multiplayer Online Game. There was an online launch party that I was able to join in on. So Legos and no mess or fuss. Instead it was so much fun to build my own lil world or I could also go to battle with all the people online. A wonderful fun interactive game that I felt was quite safe for kiddos ten and older to enjoy. Now the initial game and first month subscription is $39.99 and you have to continue with the subscription to play online. They have one month at $9.99, 6 months at $49.99 and a year is $89.99. For a year it is under $8.00 a month. That is a pretty good deal to keep you and your kid busy with a wholesome game to play. Check it out and see what you think about it.  I do want to let you know I was so lucky to have the game sent to me to check out.  But the rest was my joy and fun to get to learn about and enjoy.

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