Lost Backpack? Giveaway

I have told you that College Girl is ADD.  It is not so bad but you do learn that a few tricks and aids really do help her out.  She tends to be forgetful...or that is the way it comes across.   We can not give her multiple task to achieve and expect her to remember them all.  Nor do we know how she finds her belongings.  They tend to be strewn from here to there in my opinion.  We find her things all over her room, through the dining room and into the living room and of course her car.  I have made her for years to pick up and carry things back to her room every night.  We now get phone calls like, I can't find my Texan Card (card for everything on campus), my phone, my purse, my backpack.....ect.  She is managing to find her car each evening but I fear she is going from parking lot to parking lot looking for it. 
Due to all of this we have taken many security measures.  I have told you about some of them.  Like the WordLocks on her backpack to keep people out of it since we are unsure as to where it will end up.  Most likely somewhere in the green room of the theater.  Thankfully most people know her well enough there to help her find it.  Well now we are adding a lil more technology.  This was intended to help people find their luggage at the airport, but seems so appropriate for College Girl.  It is a Easy2Pick luggage finder.  This helps people find their luggage at the baggage claim.  But for CG it is a good way for her to find her backpack.  It works like the key fobs for your car.  Just push a button and your hear the chime to find your luggage.  I am sure if we traveled much this would be a god send.  And since one day (hopefully) CG will be doing just that with the theater, then she has this one in place already. 
There is also the Easy2Pick Flashing Luggage Tag.  This is pretty cool as it has a delay program so that it will not go off til it arrives at your destination.  The the tag flashes the color combination you chose.  You can see it across the luggage claim area.  Now your not tagging your things with colorful ribbons as we have all done in the past.  But my favorite thing about this is the flashing lights.  Yes, you can also use it when your walking, jogging or riding your bike in the evenings.  With winter here, it gets dark so early.  But we are all still trying to get in our exercise.  Just turn this lil jewel on and attach it to your clothes or bike.  Now others (especially drivers) can see you on the side of the road.  Moms I have you in mind too.  You know when your off to do the shopping, outings and the such with the kiddos.  They wanna get ahead, run and play.  But your trying to keep them in sight.  Yeah, you got it.  Clip it on to their belt loops or such and turn it on.  Now we have a flashing beacon as to where they are headed off too.  May seem silly but I promise you, if you have ever tried to pick your kiddo out in a group you know how hard it is.  I really like this idea for large events and having my kids with me.  Hand holding is great but they do slip out every now and then.  
And guess what....Yeah!  You got it.  I have one to giveaway to you!  All you have to do is leave a comment.  Tell me when you last needed that lil extra help seeing your luggage.  Do you walk at night, would you like a lil extra security being seen.  Would you tag your child?  Or pet too?  Make sure I have your email so I can notify you if your win. 
I do want to say thanks to NAFTALI Inc.  They did send me the Easy2Pick tag for College Girl to use at school.  And are providing you with the one your going to win too.  No other compensation was provided though.


  1. so could use this!! We are missionaries and travel to conferences (sometimes in groups) quit a bit. We both have black bags like everyone else so it would be great to be able to find our bag in the mist of the others quicker! Also would come in handy when you have a early early morning flight!!

  2. Okay, let's try to comment again.

    I am thinking that these tags are awesome. Now, could they possibly do something like this with the baby pacifiers?? I think we have lost 3 today.


  3. I would love to win one of these. Seems like when I travel for work I get in on the last flight of the night and have to walk to the garage by my self. A little bit of extra light would help!

  4. This sounds great! It would be so much easier and fun to use than a ribbon!


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