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Well I am feeling special as can be today.  I have had goodies in the mail thanks to Nessa and Bush's Grilling Beans.  And a great lil award from Boarding the MOTHERship too!  Thought I would say thanks to them and tell you a lil about my great start of the day.
Nessa, who host Ramblings of a Texas Housewife, had a visit from Chef Tim Love over at her place.  In honor of that they passed on some goodies.  I won!  I have a great grill set from Weber, $25 American Express gift card and four free coupons for Bush's Grilling Beans.  So it seems we have the start up for a great weekend cookout going on here.  Plan on using that gift card to go toward some vittles and get the smoker going.  Sweet.  Thanks Nessa and Bush's.
Lua at Boarding the MOTHERship gave me a great lil award.  It has been awhile since I have had one of these pop up on here.  As part of my acceptance, I must reveal 5 secrets about myself/blog.  And gosh, I am not sure it I have any secrets from y'all?  Do I?
Well I will give it the ol college try.
1  Did you know I am addicted to Face Book games?  Silly me!  But I have my zoos, cafes, pets, fish, farm, and island.  Did you notice the plural use of some of those words?  Yeah, like more than one!  Have you gotten caught up in the apps?  Which do you like the most?  Hey, wanna be my friend?  LOL
2.  Oh, I have started my Christmas list.  Meaning I am gathering the gifts I am giving out this year.  Have you started?  I plan on it being much smaller this year.  Dear Hubby will be off work for 8 weeks with his second foot surgery during that time.  Love having him home but it will be quite tight around here.  Do you want me to do another Gift Guide this year?  I was thinking it over. 
3.  Dear Hubby and I are looking at a trip to Mexico.  Wow, think of it.   Margaritas and good spicy food.  Music and the atmosphere.  Dental work and pain................What?  Yeah, actually we are seeing about going and getting DH's teeth pulled and dentures made.  He does not have too many left and they are all in bad bad bad shape.  I also need a partial done.  So we can go there and with passports, travel and dental work...still come out under $1,000.  We could not even get started on his dental work here for that.  And we are only 5 hours away.  Would you do this?  Have you done this?
4.  I am sucking BIG TIME on any diet.  Not doing anything right there.  Eating when I want and what I want.  So of course not losing any weight.  I so need to get back on track there.  Been reading about how thin people eat and think.  Wonder if there is anything to that?  I think some of us are thin, some of us are fat and some of us are LUCKY.  Guess where I fit in there.
MarshmallowsImage via Wikipedia
5.  Last one!  Hummmmm?  Thinking about food now.  So do you know my go to sweet treat?  You know, your wanting candy or ice cream or cookies....dang it, just wanting something sweet.  I go to marshmallows.  Yeppers.  Seem to always have a bag around here.  One or two and I am happy again.  4 large ones equal to 100 calories and are fat free.  That is better than those lil crisp cookies that seem to vanish in thin air when I pop them in my mouth.  And I get that sweet taste I am craving.  What is your favorite go to sweet?
 Well of course I am to pass the award on.   Consider it passed.  It is here.  If you love awards then it is for you.  If you do not do them, then ok, your not saddled with it.  If you wanna just print it out and hang it on your wall.....well I can make a certificate suitable for framing for you.  Otherwise, think of what is a good thing that happened to you today.  And share it with us!


  1. I love marshmallows!

    Lets see, my good thing of the day is outlet time with my friend Amanda. You can't beat a Labor Day weekend sale at an outlet without toddlers attached to your leg.

    Of course you win a prize b/c you rock my socks!

  2. Hey Kiddo! No, My name is still Patti LOL! I take my devotionals from different places and recently it has been from Joyce Meyer's "Hearing God Each Morning" Book. I usually post a reference to the book at the end, but was hurting so bad last night, just wanted to get the post done and forgot. I wish I could write like her! Anyway,I made some revisions, so maybe it will be a little plainer. Sorry about that! Thank you for noticing it. I wouldn't want "Joyce" to think I was plagiarizing her hard work.
    I know what you mean about the pounds. I just went to see Tammi about getting a medical hold. I stepped on the scales and they say I've lost but I feel like I've gained a bunch! Laying on my side, maybe I just "rearranged it" haha! OH! Like I told you before, the day after I fell, I received the Zumba Exercise Program I had ordered. Maybe when I've healed we can get together and exercise together. I heard they have started classes here, but that they're pretty expensive.

    God Bless!

  3. wow what a great win!!! Congrats

  4. Marshmallows. That is awesome. Those do not even cross my mind. I am more of the chocolate type of gal.

    A gift guide sounds awesome.


  5. I would be too scared to cross the border and have dental work done.

  6. Mallows, yuck! Chocolate and ice cream! heck yeah!
    A gift guide would be cool, if you have the time.
    Mexican teeth work just as well as 'Merican toofs, go for it! And load up on the no perscription required med down there! VVAAALLLIIIUUUMMM! I put the yum in valium!
    A good thing that happened today is that Charity, Amy and I have been texting each other some today. Marshall is mowing the lawn.

  7. Fun winnnings!! That's a great prize-more than just a gift card! Woohoo!!

    I never ever play the FB games. My family and I (all living in diff states) were playing scrabble online together last year and it was fun and kept us connected, but we all got busy and gave it up. I have other addictions I'm trying to balance right now so I'm not even going to begin FB ones!

    I bought 5 xmas gifts this last weekend!! It's never too early if you find the right gift.

    Mexico!! Fun!!! Wait-what? Dentistry in Mexico?? I haven't heard of anyone doing this, but it makes sense!! And it's a trip to Mexico!!

    I haven't lost in a month, other than the 3lbs I gained at the beginning of the month. Marshmallows, really?? I am a huge fan of peanut m&m's. They are the reason my clothes are the sizes they are...


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