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Today I am sitting here and crying copious tears. Triggered all by music from John Denver. I love his voice, music, songs and more so his heart. John sang with all of his being while freely sharing his passion for love of this ragged earth.

While listening to these songs I have been filled by my love for my family. I have been reliving so much of my family lately with the help of a simple lil key chain. Really. Sounds corney but I am one of those who can sit and look through photographs and feel like I am surrounded by those I love. I have my walls covered in family photographs. Well now I am able to carry my family all around with me. I have a pink digital photo key chain that shares all those I love with me everywhere I go now. It was so easy to connect with my computer and download all of my favorites. Princess Emma has already discovered that she can see herself and her sissy (College Girl) on there. Maybe I am just in a sentimental mood, but these are the things that help bring joy in my life.

Of course you also know I am more sentimental right now since College Girl is going to be returning to school next week. Thank goodness she is not leaving home this year, but staying with us. She will be so busy with classes and theater. Not much time for home life. But she shared with me the following about having roommates.

So here is College Girl herself.
Hi all! Yeah, I am back on mom's blog. But there is so much to do with the 'back to school' rush. And one of the things that has been on my mind was weather to go back to the dorms or to stay here. I finally decided to stay I think? Pretty sure...but I have learned something I wanted to share with y'all.

If the stereotype is to be believed, a lot of teenagers fight with their parents as they grow up, striving for freedom and independence. Of course, I don't buy in to stereotypes. In fact, I'd think that a lot of arguments could be saved with books like Emptying the Nest: Launching Your Young Adult Toward Success and Self-Reliance. Author Brad Sachs, PhD. does a masterful job of mapping out the many common challenges faced by older teens and young adults ready to leave the nest. He examines every facet, from the family dynamics to the young adult's first tastes of freedom.
Using a lot of positive language and careful reinforcement, this book helps make the idea of leaving the nest not as dramatic or scary as it could be. One chapter even offers insight for those who have left and then returned, for one reason or another, examining the different possibilities of mental anguish or encouragement the young adult might be feeling following their return home. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, which was very informative for young adults as well as their parents. Though I'm still home with Mom, I'm ready to try and seek more freedom and explore further in the world outside of my family. The advice offered in Emptying the Nest has given me more confidence and plenty of insight on what other families might face. Maybe the next time I hear a friend complaining about their parents, I can offer some insight and help them understand what their parents are thinking or worried about.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book and key chain to facilitate these reviews. No other compensation was provided.

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  1. Hey Kiddo! Just wanted to let you know I asked hubby about that place we were talking about on the phone and he says her resort is right Outside of San Jose, on the beach, where as San Jose is more inland.

    Hey College Girl, Just wanted to say how proud of you I am. I can't count the times that I have commented or lectured teen-agers or young adults because they complain so much about their families. Whether it's because they have to live by the parent's rules, or some other reason. It isn't worth it. I lost my mom at the age of 13 and I would have given ANYTHING to have her back arguments and all. I still feel like I missed out on so much without having her around even now. I lost her back in 1968. So, keep your close ties with your parents. They may not always think the way you think they should, but at least you have them to talk things out with you. Don't lose sight of that. It is a blessing. Pass this message on to as many young adults and teens on your road through life as possible.

    Love y'all Bunches!

  2. That keychain is pretty cool.

  3. Cool keychain. Lynette, share with me how you score giveaways! I need some products to review!


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