Princess Emma's Birthday Phase 3

Ok now for the books.....and we have some great ones here! I have to give books as reading is one of the greatest gifts I know of. And I always think that we should be willing to help children learn to read.

So let's get started with the great list I have to share with you.

First I want you to meet Nito. This is a very special pup. (Yes, I told you Princess Emma loves pets.) Well Nito is featured in a series of books that share a very special story. These were put out by Assistance Dogs of the West. This is a non-profit organization that helps train and place service dogs. And here we learn about their jobs and how they help with Nito's Tale, Nito Meets Chloe, and Nito and Chloe Get an Invitation. These three books have a wonderful progression from Nito as a puppy all the way to his trip to the White House and all that happens in between.

I love being able to share these three stories with Princess Emma. The best part is that she can learn that animals are able to help us in many ways. The books are aimed at children from the ages of 2-6 years olds. And the art work is bright and fun. Make sure to look for the cute lil red bird in each picture too! I do find it interesting to also find out that 19% of the U.S. population is defined as disabled. Being one of that 19% I am thrilled to help teach others that we may be different but all of us want to be productive. Service animals help many of us do just that.

The next three books in Princess Emma's gift box are all a lil different. The last one being a great surprise.

The first one is a Playtime with Little Nye book. In "It's Vacation Time" we follow Little Nye and friends as summer time is explored. Having packed to go on vacation they are faced with a problem. The suitcase will not shut. (Oh we have all been there.) So some things have to be taken out and explored. We have bright bold colors and wipe clean pages that will help this book travel well. I know we always have a book or two when we are doing car trips. And this one would be a great one for the beginning reader.

Next we are hanging out with our friend Maisy in Maisy Goes to Bed. Here we have many special hidden pictures as we explore this lift-the-flap classic. You have all had Maisy in your home I bet. And we also all have the let's go to bed blues. Well here we can explore with our lil ones the rituals of getting ready for bed. We know lil ones love to imitate these stories. So this is a God send in helping bed time become an easier trip.

And last but surely never least is Flanimals. This is my all time favorite of Princess Emma's gifts. Why? Well it is a big, bold, colorful, fun pop-up book. Have you ever met a Flanimal? Well I had not til now. Here we enter the Flanimal kingdom which we know nothing about. But I can only imagine the stories that Princess Emma is going to share with me when she meets these creatures.

I am so happy to have a big ol stack of books to share with Princess Emma. What are some of your favorite stories that you have shared with the lil ones? At what age do you feel books are right for a gift? And join me in wishing Princess Emma a very special 4th birthday!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of these books to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. hi lynette,
    how are you? hope this note finds you well! we were always maisy fans at our house! hope it is cool in your parts today because it is darn hot here! lol

  2. I have seen the books with Nito, and they are great!


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