Murder on My Hands-Updated!


Friday night my step daughter arrived to pick up the grandbabes. And with her was a beautiful long hair white cat with tawny tips on her ears and tail. A beauty! Top it off she was so loving to us. She was a gift to us from my step daughter.

Awwww! Straight to my heart! Of course College Girl swooped in and gathered up the cat. With great kisses, cuddles and petting, the cat was named Diana. Many different references there. The goddess of the hunt. The goddess of the moon. The mother of Dr. Spencer Reed of Criminal Minds. But the name fits so well.

Well being good mommies we next doctored her for the fleas that had attacked. Just like all of our fur babies, she got her drops straight down her back. What a good girl, did not even flinch. Great! Now give a few days and she should be flea free and we have a lap cat finally. (Yeah our others are all so independent.)

Now today (2 days later) I am afraid I have given her a painful death sentence. You see she is not one that can handle the drops. They have attacked her nervous system. She is flinching, ticking, shacking and just trembling all over. We got online to see and found out that it has to be the flea drops. And I know this sounds horrible but I can not afford the vet, especially the emergency room (this is Sunday). Yeah how can we put the cost on a life but we are close enough to losing our house at this time that I can not take the rent money and put it toward the vet bill. (Remember my Dear Hubby was just off work from two jobs for a month.)

I feel horrid. My College Girl has hugh eyes while she pets Diana. Dear Hubby is wringing his hands trying to figure out what to do. And I feel so guilty. This lovely, beautiful creature that I am responsible for is suffering. All because of me!

Thank God for BJ and Trav. They contacted me and told me to use children's liquid benadryl. They had the same thing happen with their pet. Well we did and after two baths, a lot of drooling, a long nap and some water to drink our lil girl seems no worse the wear. Amazing. I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so happy!



    you cn give her liquid benadryl it will make her drool but it helps the allergy

  2. I am trying this to see if it helps. I do not have many choices. We had already given her 2 baths. So now with the children's liquid benadryl, maybe she will be ok in time. I will update when I find out.

  3. I don't know about your Vet, but our vet we can call and they can tell us what to do without an appointment on their off days. I feel bad and it's not even my kitty. :( {{HUGS}}

  4. I'm so sorry. Trace (my dog) had a similar reaction and a couple of baths did help. Here's hoping it works out for Kitty Diana!

  5. How's little Kitty Diana feeling today?? Hope she is well!

  6. Hey Kiddo! Here's hoping all is better with Diana. I've been there ( needing a vet, but not able to afford one). I know how heart wrenching it is. I to give thanks and cudos for BJ and their benedryl remedy!

    I want you to know I've been praying for a financial blessing for y'all for your house.
    Love ya !


  7. I'm so so glad! Wow, what a beautiful girl :)

    I mailed you some books and they were much better then the ones I told you - they are PERFECT for you I think!

    They went out today!



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