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I love when I can share with he kiddos in my life. It gives me such satisfaction to know that I can add to their enjoyment. Well this week I was able to do that for two of the kiddos in my life.

First for my dear Romy who is the 4 yr old daughter of my best friend. They borrowed Madeline's Great Adventures that I have from Shout Factory. I just received a message from Jennifer on how it went.

"Romy loves the DVD. We have watched it many times. Her favorite part is where the girls take care of Ms Cravail when she is sick. She also likes the bit where the puppy dog leads the children to find Madeline.

I like the DVD as well. The story is about different kinds of families and working together against adversity. I love the rhymes. It is one long poem. Romy has occasionally repeated lines in the same tone as the narrator."

See how nice it feels to know that Romy was able to become so interactive with the show. This is a recent release at the end of June. So you should be able to find a copy. Or just pop over to Shout Factory to pick up one.

I also shared Disney's StarStruck extended edition with Ashley across the street. She is such a fun tween that loves to sing with the show. You should see the great act she can put together.

StarStruck is a modern day Cinderella story (and you remember that is my favorite childhood story). And this version also has a CD of the sound track. Ashley now not only acts out the show at home but has become a tween rock star in the car too.

StarStruck promotes strong messages about honesty, humility, self-acceptance, and strength of character. This is a message that is perfect for Ashley as she is changing from lil girl over to young adult.

I am appreciative to Click Communications for providing a timeless story with the modern day beat for me to share.

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