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It has been a long two weeks. Today I would swear my brain is fried and doing it's best to crawl out my ear. Stress is getting to me. But alas, time to buck up and say screw it.

Dear Hubby had foot surgery and is in the first stages of recovery. He had a bunion removed and two toes straightened. So that boils down to cutting off bone and breaking and resetting two toes. That then means he is at home and off his feet for several weeks. I am thrilled to have him here but the extra work does get to me sometimes. You know I do not always handle stress the best. Mostly I smile and just tell myself to keep on going not letting on that some days are pushing me to my wits end.

I am way way way behind on my reviews too. So do not be shocked when you see them popping up all over. That is next. Top that off with another trip (4 hours one way) to south Texas this weekend to help clean for another family. So I leave tomorrow to do that and should be back home Monday. Yeah one exciting moment after another.

Thanks so much for all of the help I have from my bloggy friends. Y'all are my largest support system. I am thankful for your comments, steadfastness and great humor. See you more soon soon soon!

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  1. Oh that poor guy!! I know that surgery is a tough one, even though its a foot thing - its just a bad time.


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