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We are having such a great weekend with the grandbabes here. They are growing and next week will turn 2 and 6 years old. Time is going so fast. But for now they are my babes and we are having fun playing.

This weekend we opened up our MyGym DVD and CD. This was a great set for us to use with both of the babes. With the MyGym DVD of Baby First Presents My Gym at Home. My grandson love it since it was geared to babes from 6 months to 3 years old. We flipped, rolled and did headstands all over our living room. He giggled as we rolled around with our very own exercise time. The special features of parenting tips and a 2 month free subscription to Baby First TV Channel was a nice extra too. This is the nations only 24/7 channel for babies and their parents.

After wards we pulled up The Activators online. Here we watched videos of different exercises to do with my older grand daughter. She loved jumping all over the living room. And we did have to download some of the free coloring sheets. Thankfully there was the MyGym CD too. Arron Nigel Smith and The Activators have some of my favorite children's songs. This is so we can exercise but we cheated. With the youngest grandbabe tired we listened as he napped. And the other grandbabe colored her free coloring sheets.

Whew! Now time for Nonnie (that's me) to be able to rest a lil bit too! I wish to thank Cara and SSA Public Relations for letting me enjoy the MyGym series. Now off to help out a lil before he wakes up. SHHHUUUSSSSHHHHHH! Oh by the way, May is National Fitness Month so let's get out there and get moving.

So lets help you out by letting you win a CD. The contest is open to the U.S. and Canada. Just leave me a comment about your favorite exercise for you or your babes. I will pick a winner in a week and have your very own MyGym The Activators CD sent to you too!

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  1. Well, if you have ever had a chance to view my picture, you would know that I do not have a favorite exercise for myself. However, I do have a DVD that the daycare kiddos love, but it is for the older kiddos. Now for the wee baby, I work with movements for the arms and legs and I try to get them up and crawling (what am I thinking, right). I just visited the My Gym TV and the kiddos had to watch and enjoy.


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