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Many of you know that my mother (Grandma) lives with Dear Hubby and I. And that she is in her 70's now. Well if you care for an elderly parent then you know that you have learned to worry over different things. And one of my greatest worries are in the bathroom.

Really so wet and slick in there. Trying to in and out of the tub is a chore for her. Lifting her legs over the side and trying to not fall down. Due to that baths become harder to take and fewer are farther in between. My mom has become the Queen of sponge baths.

I wish we could get her one of the walk in tubs. Have you seen them? Oh they look so neat. It is like a shower stall but it is a tub instead. And you can just open the half door and with no effort at all step right on in. The doors have a great seal on them. With a built in bench then you can take a seat (no getting all the way down on the ground for Grandma). Thus the new bath experience begins.

I have been doing some research on walk in tubs. Thus far I have found out that I can get one at Costco in both the USA and in Canada. This seems like a great answer to the high cost I have found in other stores. I already knew that they were great for the elderly and the disabled. But I did not know that walk in tubs also had a lifetime warranty on the door seal. So that is another worry that I would not have to have. So I think I will be looking at how we could do this for Grandma ourselves.

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