Kids and Science and Giveaway

I loved seeing the Grandbabes this last weekend. Yesterday I had a visit with Miss Emma too. She will be 4 this summer! WOW! They all keep growing so fast. I love having them all around me and sometimes wonder if that is part of my purpose in life.

Ok yeah I am a mom to my College Girl. And I have helped raise many many more. I think most moms do in one way or another. I have had other families under my roof for years at a time. In doing so the one thing I have always done was try to foster a love for reading. It is one of my great passions. College Girl picked it up and we pray will be a writer in her own time too.

But in the mean time I am still reading to kids and passing on books from one to another. This next weekend my oldest and dearest friend is coming to visit. (We met when we were 10 years old.) She has a lil lady of her own now and I am going to give them the book Om Baby-Child of the Universe. Now this is not your typical sweet baby child book. No this is a bright colorful book looking at the metaphysical world through a child's eye. We see how we can all share this world loving each other and caring for that which is around us. And isn't that what we all really wish for. So with child like faith and belief Om Baby sees life around him is filled with love, truth and unity. What a positive message to give. By the way, thanks so much to Schamet Horsfield (the author) for sending me Om Baby. That was very kind of you to do.

He is also willing to share with you too. How...well of course the adorable Giveaway that we all know so well. So if you would wish to have Om Baby visit your home to then leave a comment. Tell me what is it you wish to see with your one eye. Would it be world peace, love for all or a great big chuck of chocolate cake? We all see beauty in different things. And I will pick a winner in a week!

I am also going to be able to share with Miss Emma and the Grandbabes one of College Girls all time favorites. Jim Henson (yeah from the Muppets) has Sid the Science Kid books and DVDs. It is so much fun to learn with Sid who questions how to do things while looking for the reason why too. We watched the Weather Kid Sid DVD this last weekend with the Grandbabes. My older granddaughter (she is 6 now) made sure I understood the seasons and how rain is created. It was so interesting to see her furrow her brow and explain that the wind can blow things around even when we can not see it. Thanks Sid for helping my darling granddaughter understand so much. After wards we read Sid the Science Kid: Everybody, Move Your Feet. You know that got them up and marching around. Like Sid the kids told me not to just sit and watch TV but we need to get up and play too. Why shucks I knew that. But again I love seeing the lessons sink in. Michelle you score big points sending this set to us.

Well enough of child's play. It is time for me to get up and moving. Off to Curves for my 30 minute workout. Then heading out to the in-laws to help clean up the house while they are at the doctors today. This evening is time to relax with Dear Hubby (yeah, can you believe he will be home?) while watching NCIS. Think it is going to be a good day today.


  1. First off my kiddos as well as myself love Sid the Science Guy, so much information he has to share.

    Now as for my one eye, I would love to see peace on earth. I know that will never happen but it is a good thought. Now for a reality check I would like to see a big ole meal from Red Lobster. How about the Ultimate Sampler but substitute the Walts shrimp for an extra scampi. :)


  2. My grandson (3) and I discovered Sid the Scince Kid together!! I love him!! It's a great show!!


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