Princess Time

Oh I am back in the saddle with the kids DVD's today. And I am celebrating Princess Emma (one of my kiddos) by watching "GiGi-God's Little Princess"

First off, I am a lover of all things pink so you can see GiGi is after my heart right there. And my motto is There is Always Time to DANCE, so once again GiGi is hitting two for two. But as for how did I like the show itself?

Well I am very happy to see a show that is telling lil ladies that they are Princesses to God. They are his precious angels as they are intended to be. I feel we all should feel like we are a treasure. It is an amazing feeling when you finally get it! As for the two shows on this DVD they are the Royal Tea Party and the Pink Ballerina. Why dang it, where is Princess Emma when I need her. This would have been twice the fun for me to see her face light up to see GiGi telling her she is royalty. Then to watch Princess Emma dance while they were also twirling around on screen. It is great to see the message that dance is an expression of joy not a mark of perfectness. Of course Princess Emma has that down pact. See here she is on one of her great dance moves.

I want to thank Book Sneeze for sharing this DVD with me. It is on my must see list with Princess Emma. Wonder if I can dash across the street to Nessa's to watch it again today?

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  1. Nice picture! I bet my daughter would like this book in a few years! :-) Nice review!


  2. Nice picture! I bet my daughter would like this book in a few years! :-) Nice review!


  3. I love it, too! What a wonderful shot! She's rockin' it!

  4. Love the picture! Dance is such a great expression and goodness knows I don't do it perfectly at all.

  5. That picture of Emma is absolutely adorable! LoL! Be sure and tell me how you like the book, OK? Glad you finally got it. I finally got my copy of Joyce Meyer's Book "The Confident Woman" (LOL!I need some encouragement) That I won a couple of months back, at least I think it was that long. It feels that way. I won that from Rachel at Christians in Good Company. Sorry I haven't gotten back before now. I've had quite a few Irons in the fire. I've been typing all that stuff for the Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program at church, oh! she went with your logo the purple background tie dyed. SHE LOVED IT! I also got my Bible Study in the mail today, so I'll start teaching that next week-end. That means more studying. I've also been crushing cans for my Foreign Missions ministry. So my plates' been pretty full. Oh! I also had to put my car in the shop, cause I backed into my husband's nephews truck!Don't ask! LOL! $1500.00 worth of damage to My car. All it did to his pick-up was put a VERY small crack in his "rubber or plastic bumper (whatever it is). He didn't file a claim. Anyway, unless I use my hubby's pick-up, (which I don't like to) I stay home.

    Love ya Bunches!



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