Frivolous Friday

Yeah today is full of fun filled frivolous facts. Let me have one of yours in the comments today.

Fact 1. Be careful of what you say. Yeah, we all know this. But today a friend told me she was going to be buying some pickling salt. So naturally I asked her what she was going to pickle? Her answer (yes the be careful part) was "Nothing! It is all going up my husband's nose." WHAT! Ok, that is a hard core salt habit. After we laughed she told me that she was making a saline solution for his sinuses. His doctor said those OTC kinds were not too good but to mix pickling salt and bottled water and spray it up his nose. What ever works!

Fact 2. Addicted to coffee? Chocolate the only way to go? Got Milk? And need to have that picture perfect complexion? Well you can have your goodies and look good. How? How about a face mask made from 1/4 cup ground espresso roast coffee, 1/4 cup of cocoa powder and 1/2 a cup of whole milk. Mix and slather on. Don't worry if you lick your lips some, YUM! Leave on 15 minutes then rinse. They say you are what you eat!

Fact 3. What can help us clear the air, bring in song birds, conserve energy, fight global warming and not only beautify your home but increase the value of it up to 15%? You see the answer? TREES! Well with the beautiful spring weather and the amazing song birds around my home I wanted to share that you can get 10 trees FREE when you join the Arbor Day Foundation at There is a $10 membership fee but they will send you 10 trees that are right for your area of the country. And they are guaranteed to grow or they will replace them for free!

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  1. Thanks for the info about the trees. We need to replace the ones the power company cut down with some smaller ones.


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