Super Bowl with Air Bud

Are you getting ready for the Super Bowl? Yeah! Time for the guys to gather around the game. All the wives are making goodies to eat. And the kids are climbing the walls?

Well that is not the way I have it planned for us. Sure the guys will be watching the game and the ladies dishing up and sharing gossip. But the kids here are going to have some fun of their own. We are going to watch AIR BUD: GOLDEN RECEIVER SPECIAL EDITION
DVD. It was just released on the 2nd of February by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

I have plans to have the dvd running in the next room for the kiddos. Of course I watched it this week to see what it was like. Buddy (Air Bud) has moved on from basketball to the football field. When I was watching Lil Miss Emma was here too. She was so excited to see Air Bud play football. I have not seen her do her touchdown dance before but it had some doggie begging moves in it. Too cute.
This special edition DVD (G rated too) features exclusive all-new bonus action: Sports Channel play-by-play quarterbacked by the Buddies! Join Budderball in the broadcasting booth as he and the rest of the Buddies, B-Dawg, Mudbud, Buddha and Rosebud, review the instant replay on the amazing football career of their dad, Air Bud.

I also have plans for some fun relay races for the kids. We have the
Air Bud Sport Whistle Necklace ( Exclusive on-pack while supplies last). This is going to be our start whistle for tire relay races. We plan on doing the race where you run through tires on the ground. Also have a tire swing set up that we are going to see if we can throw a football through the center. And of course all kinds of goodies. How long do you think it will be before the dads join the kiddos in all the fun?

I do wish to thank Dustin and Walt Disney Studios for letting me see this movie. I loved the wholesome family show. I think you would like to add this one to your movie library.


  1. I think we will be over for Superbowl. Kevin is really wanting to watch it. I will do whatever you would like me to do to help. With all the activities planned, I think Kevin will have a hard time deciding on whether or not to go play or watch TV!!

  2. You can't go wrong with cute dogs :)


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