Turn of a Phrase

Life skills?
Yeah, I thought of this lil phrase today and wondered just what does it mean.
Life skills?

Are we trained in these skills or do they come natural?
Is there a degree in them?
Can they be measured?

Life skills....what are your life skills?

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  1. Hey Kiddo! It's me again! Was that a rhetorical question or do you really want us to answer? Welll, I'll put my 2 cents in just in case. I think life skills have to be learned. Our parents should teach us honesty, courtesy, cleanliness, respect for others and others' property and so forth. Those to me are the basic "life skills" among others. As far as your comment on my post, you are sooooo sweeeet.

    Love ya bunches,


  2. I was raised that life skills are the basics to get by in life, like how to count change and order food.

  3. Skills we were taught by our parents in order to survive.....and face head on whatever life throws at us!

  4. I think they are both taught and we are born with them.


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