Juice Face--Ewww!

Ewwww! Yeah, poor lil lady Lilly, she keeps breaking out around her mouth. Why? Well due to drinking so much juice. We have tried to cut it in 1/2 with water. Nope, still breaks out. Can't do milk all the time due to her poor tummy. Just can not digest that much. And water is not that interesting all on its on. So what are some healthy alternatives?

Well, I am checking out H2Organics for kids. They come out like juice boxes and are flavored. They will still give lil lady Lilly 100% vitamin C like the juice. And they also have calcium and are organic. But they also have sugar. Well it is half the sugar of juice so that can help out too. So far Strawberry Apple has been the biggest hit. I was hoping more toward Orange Tangerine and there is always Grape Berry.

But if they can take the place of juice for lil lady Lilly and not break her out then that is great! There is also H2Organics for adults too. With enhanced water adding in vitamins but also adding up with calories (100 calories a bottle). And if your in the family way or just had your own lil lady then you can get prenatal and postnatal waters. Cool idea. They are available at all Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us stores nationwide, and many Whole Foods Market stores.

I want to thank H2Organics for letting me try out their water. Of course I only had some water sent to me and did not get paid. And my thoughts are just mine. I just wanted to share with you.

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  1. Ian actually prefers water over juice, but nothing makes him more happy then moo juice.


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