Double Book GiveAway

What is your favorite childhood book? Mine was Cinderella. College Girls favorite was The Never Ending Story. Well I found out that for many it was The Mouse, The Monster and Me. And that they went out of print. Guess What?
They are back. Ten years later and now you can get your favorite book to share with your own kiddos. Did you know that while this book was out of print copies of it was going for $100 a wack on EBay? Amazing.

Not only did they bring back "The Mouse, The Monster and Me" but also "Liking Myself". It is really amazing that these two books help teach assertiveness at an early age. I love that they can help children learn how to deal with bullies. Oh, that was one I had a horrid time with as a child. But they also can help kiddos learn how to be responsible for their actions, words and feelings.

I love the way these books look inside too! Just like a child has written them. With hand drawn pictures in the margins and thoughts all around. I wish to thank UpLift Press for sending me my two copies. They have them for sale at their site with FREE shipping. Not bad. Also you can pop over to Amazon to get them. Or you can do something even easier than that. Just visit UpLift Press then come back and share with me. Because that is your first entry into winning both of these books. Yeah! We have a giveaway sponsored by UpLift Press. You also have extra entries with the usual comments letting me know if you follow me here or on FB or Twitter. I am giving an extra 5 entries to anyone who can tell me who is the Author and what is their career? I will pick a winner Sunday 1-31-10.

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  1. When I was real young, my fav was Dr Seuss Are you my mother?

  2. Hi Lynette...
    How r u??? It's been a long time. I am back though and I hope to stay.
    I have read that book and I remember bits and pieces of it.
    My favorite books were the stories of Frog and Toad.
    I have passed my childhood books on to my daughters and they love when I read them to them.

  3. These look really cute!

    They are written by Dr. Pat Palmer - a therapist who luckily lives in Hawaii.

    I love the illustrations and the fact that you can download this online.

  4. Pat Palmer , a counselor. Emma would enjoy these so much. I hope she wins :)


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