Feathering the Nest

My Dear Hubby and I are in our late 40's and also both from previous marriages. So sad to say, we did not walk into our relationship with a good game plan for retirement. Since I was placed on disability in my mid 30's and Dear Hubby with his gaggle of health problems we need to really look at how we are going to make it in the later years.

So I was thrilled when I received "Your Nest Egg Game Plan" in the mail from Newman Communications, Inc. I have been reading to see is it just too late for us. Thankfully I see it is not too late. Close, but we can still do some different things to help us out. I am able to follow the easy framework and simple language to help find flexibility that we need as pre-retirees.

"Your Nest Egg Game Plan"
was written by Phil Fragasso and Craig L Israelsen. These two men come with over 20 years of financial business and education. They understand that knowledge is the key to understanding how to plan ahead and save. All while sharing in easy to understand terms and communication. Two thumbs up gentlemen for helping me out!
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  1. My in-laws are in the same boat as you. This book sounds like something they should read!


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