Whistle While I Work

Today starts a three day adventure for me. Not one most would take on but I am so looking forward to it.

I am headed to clean a big Victorian home. And I asked to do it! Yeap! For fun!

Ok, y'all know I have a mental problem. But for me cleaning is one of the most relaxing things I can think of. It is like a zen moment suspended. And I really enjoy having time to do just that, wipe, polish, dust, scrub and sweep.

So for the next three days I will be fondling furniture and antiques all the while "whistling while I work".

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  1. wow....let me get you my address cause cleaning is NOT my favorite activity.
    I like putting on music real loud (80's of course) and doing some serious stuff about once a month, but on a daily/weekly basis, I do much less than I probably should.

  2. I could straighten all day long but not clean. I'm forever wiping counters, putting things away etc, but the actual cleaning is not something I enjoy at all. Hope you enjoy your 3 days.


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