Traveling through The Hole In The Sky

I have told you that as a child I loved to escape by reading. Heck I still do. Well I loved my latest escape. I went on a trip in The Hole in the Sky. This is a book that I want to share with Nessa's daughter. (Alas I am too late as she is already reading the story too!) But I wanted to see if it was right for her. It does seem a pretty deep story but I have to say I was sure drawn in. So you may want to share it with a preteen to early teen. (Hint Hint
Crazee Juls!) I do know this is going to be a Christmas present along with a butterfly pendent. (Read the story and you will share the significance of the butterfly pendent.) I love the message of how love can be a healing power from loss. And to share with a child how to love and grow through grief.

The tragic 9/11 events and the death of one of Barbara Mahler’s closest clients prompted Mahler, a traditional medicinal healer, to write a book about the healing power of love and beauty of the human spirit. Drawing on her vivid storytelling skills, she wrote The Hole in the Sky, the first novel in a trilogy for children ages 8-13. The journey begins as 13-year-old Kaela Neuleaf struggles with grief over her mother’s death and her father’s emotional withdrawal. When she finds a mysterious butterfly pendant and her mother’s old diary with the words “When you go through the hole in the sky, stay only as long as absolutely necessary,” Kaela believes that the magical life she longs to experience may actually be possible. Barbara is currently working on the second book of the trilogy. Sea Turtle Publishing donates a portion of the profits of The Hole in the Sky to conservation organizations. And 100% of the wood products are derived from the Forest Stewardship Council.

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