Green Winners

Staying Green All Year Long

Winners one and all!
Ladies here y'all go!
I will be sending out notices today. Get your addresses and your very own copy of The Green Year will be in the mail to you.

Thanks for entering.

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I love the idea of this book.

Prairiemaid said...

My "green tip".....turn the lights off! And I only say about a hundred times a day!

I'm another SSS'er and just visiting the different blogs. Yours is really neat!

PJ said...

Hey Kiddo! Hope you enjoyed your trip. Of Course, you know my idea of being green. Collect aluminum cans, sell them, give the money to a good cause. It's really a complex idea, because not only are you helping to "clean up the environment, but the money you get can help any "charity" you want. Mine happens to be Foreign Missionaries. It is also a great thing to get your kids involved in, because it's not difficult, and it teaches them responsibility, and how to give to others. So many kids now days have the "ME" frame of mind. This would help them feel better about themselves knowing that they have helped others. You could even give them the responsiblity of choosing the "charity or cause" the money would go to as long as it is for a needful cause, you know what I mean. Something that would really help others. Anyway, that's my green idea. Clean environment, help your kids self-esteem and teach them, and be a blessing to others in need.

As far as my post, I dare not think about if anything were to happen to or between my hubby and myself, instead of becoming a "cat lady" with way too many cats, I would probably do the same thing with dogs from the shelter. (Except for certain kinds that scare me to death). Glad your home safe!


Bombtastic Belle said...

My green tip is to turn lights off, turn the AC up when you can or off and have the windows open.

pippirose said...

My green tip: hanging at least a few of the heavier wet stuff (like sweatshirts) on the shower rod, instead of putting them in the dryer.
I live in an apartment, so space is an issue, but not only does this save some dryer also saves the sweatshirts and sweaters from shrinking!


  1. Hey Kiddo from Branson, MO. Just wanted to thank you for the "Green Year". We'll be home probably Tuesay sometime. I've been fighting with this thing, trying to figure out how to put my button on here. Anyway, We just got back from seeing Roy Rogers Museum and Dusty Rogers (son) and the High Riders show. We are fixing to head out to see the "Butterfly Palace. Hope to get lots of pictures.

    Lov ya! PJ

  2. Hey Kiddo! We're still in Branson, but the address thing finally kicked in. I hope I caught it in time. My mailing address is Patti Creek, 270 County Road 408, Comanche, TX 76442. Sorry it took so long for me to realize you wanted the "shipping address instead of e-mail. That would be a trick, huh?

    Love ya! PJ


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