1. Well said and to the point. I don't blame you guys for taking what was yours. I agree that you were screwed for sure. I am sorry to hear that your Thanksgiving has been ruined for you and your family. Hopefully you all can get other arrangements made and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. I don't blae you for taking everything yu worked hard to do away from them...I wouldn't give it away either...I am really sorry to hear that they ruined a very special holiday for your family...I hope everything will work out for you before Thankgiving...I wish that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

  3. That was the lowest, pulling the weekend out from under you. I would have done more than pull the website!

  4. you did the right thing do not give over the website. be thankful that it was a "friend" who did this to you guys and not family. been down this road myself stand you ground and be suport for your friend who was canceled on.

  5. Hi Kiddo! Just wanted to stop by. You know, I've already put my nickel in, but I wish she would have gotten something in writing. Of course, when your "friends" or on good terms you never think about what could happen. I hope Nessa gets compensated for her hard work, and the Undue stress which she has been put under. In a small town, business owners should know better than to pull something like that. This could hurt her business if word gets out. (DUH!)

    Love ya!


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